Size of a Nightstand

The nightstand is a piece of furniture that can really provide your room with much needed functionality. You can use them to organize different items, not to mention make your room more fashionable.

Dimensions of a Nightstand: Winsome Wood End Table / Night Stand

The Winsome Wood End Table/Night Stand measures 19 inches wide x 15 inches deep x 25 inches high. The stand is inspired by the Shaker-style furniture. The stand is made of solid beech wood.

It comes with a large upper surface and there is also an open shelf. The cabinet is large enough to contain an assortment of items. The single door features a plain inset panel. The stand also has a brushed metal pull for decoration. The legs are tapered. There is also wood nailhead accent to give the nightstand a handmade look.

Dimensions of a Nightstand: Prepac Black

The Prepac Black nightstand is 20"W x 19.75"H x 16"D. the nightstand is made from laminated composite wood. The design of the nightstand makes it compatible with other Prepac furniture and other household items.

There is a spacious drawer where you can put a variety of items. There is also an open area where you can place books, papers, bags, slippers and a host of other materials.

The major components of the drawer –the top, sides and fronts- are constructed of 5/8" thick laminated composite board. The components of the nightstand are High Density Fiberboard (MDF). Furthermore, the drawers can be taken out easily for cleaning.

Dimensions of a Nightstand: Winsome Wood Night Stand

The Winsome Wood Night Stand measures 18 inches in diameter and is 22 inches high. The nightstand is available in walnut, black, white and natural.

The nightstand has clean lines and has a casual look to it. The unit is made of solid beech wood and has wood nailhead accounts. The drawers also have carved rails, which complement the open shelf.

The nightstand also has a big drawer where you can put in books and other valuables. The nightstand also has a big tabletop with a straight edge. Below this is the drawer with the open shelf.

Dimensions of a Nightstand: Homelegance

The nightstand is 18 inches in diameter and 22 inches high. It is black and works well with rooms that have a casual style. The nightstand is made from beech wood and has wood nail head accent.

The nightstand also has carved rails that match the drawer. The Homelegance nightstand has a tidy appearance and comes with a big tabletop. The front of the drawer and the side rails are sculpted. This is intended to give the table a softer appearance.

The nightstand needs to be assembled. The unit comes with the wood plugs needed to assemble the furniture. Even for beginners, however, it should take only a few minutes.

The dimensions of a nightstand will determine how much you can put there. If you plan on stuffing it with a lot of items, you need a nightstand that is both large and made of sturdy material.

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