Dimension of a Ferry

As sea travel has become more commonplace, ferries have become the choice of many for roaming the high seas. With passengers becoming numerous, the size and amenities of the fleets have expanded.

Dimensions of a Ferry: Maria Dolores

The Maria Dolores is a vehicle and passenger ferry. It is 68.4 m long. The waterline length is 58.8 m. The beam moulded is 18.2 m and the hull depth moulded is 6.3 m. The maximum hull draft is 2.6 m and the maximum deadweight is 260 t.

The Maria Dolores has a passenger capacity of 600. It can hold up to 65 cars or 85 lane meters with 35 automobiles. The deck clear height center lane is 5.6 m. The side lanes are 4.2 m and the fuel is about 43,600 L. The engines are 6 x MTU 16V 4000 M71/ 6 x 2,465 kW.

Dimensions of a Ferry: the MV Pont-Aven

The gross tonnage is 41,700. It is 184.60 meters long. The beam is 30.90 meters and the maximum draught is 6.80 meters. The service speed is 27 knots and the crew number 183. The passenger capacity is 2,400. The ferry can hold up to 650 cars.

There are 650 cabins, all of which have air conditioning and en-suite bathrooms. The cabins also have radio, flat screen TVs and custom temperature control. The Commodore and Deluxe rooms are equipped with DVD players. They also have balconies from where the views of the sea can be seen.

Dimensions of a Ferry: MV Armorique

The MV Armorique has a 29,500 gross tonnage. The beam measures 26.8 meters. The ferry is 168.3 m long. The service speed is 25 knots. The passenger capacity is 1,500 and the car capacity is 470. The ferry’s freight capacity is 65.

There are 248 cabins. The ferry has been designed for use between Breton port of Roscoff and Plymouth. Other features include entertainment facilities, cinemas, and children’s playrooms.

There is also a slot machine, baggage room and toilets for the disabled. There is Wi-Fi access and a baby changing room. There are also bars and food outlets.

Dimensions of a Ferry: Normandie

The Normandie is 161.40 m long and the beam is 26 m. The max draught is 6.00 m and the gross tonnage is 27,541. The service speed is 20.5 knots. The crew number 137 and the passenger capacity is set at 2,123. The car capacity is 600 and the berths are 775.

There are 220 cabins and 415 reclining seats. Features of the Normandie include children’s entertainment and programs. There is also a gaming room and slot machines.

There are a couple of cinemas on board, a sundeck and Internet Wi-Fi access. There is also a venue for tourist information. There are also several restaurants, a coffee shop and a bar. The cabins are air conditioned.

The amenities and dimensions of a ferry have changed, as competition has led to bigger and better amenities. While services are improving, the growing number of players in the industry keeps the pricing competitive.

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