Queen Size Bed Measurements


A Queen-sized bed is often the bed chosen by couples. Bigger than a Twin but smaller than a King, this bed is perfect if you do not have that much space in the bedroom.

There are different dimensions for a Queen bed depending on your country of location or the location where your bed mattress will be coming from. 

In the United States, standard Queen size bed measurements are approximately 60 x 80 inches, in width and length, respectively.

There is another type of Queen mattress available in the United States and this is referred to as the Olympic Queen mattress. The measurements for this bed are 60 inches in width by 88 inches in length. 

You can see that this Queen mattress is longer but it has the same width as the standard Queen.

Bed Size Does Matter

When it comes to choosing your bed, size does matter. First of all, your bed size will depend on the available space in your bedroom. Even if you want a Queen bed but you only have room for a Twin, you will have to make do with this smaller bed size.

However, there is an X-Long Twin so you may want to get this to at least give you more leg room when sleeping. Your allotted space will also determine the design of your bed frame.

While bed frames come in the usual mattress sizes, the design may make the frame slightly bigger thus needing more room space. For instance, if you want a four-poster bed, you will have to make more room for it even if it fits a Queen mattress size.

Secondly, bed size will more or less determine the comfort and quality of your sleep. Adults sleeping alone usually go with a Full-sized bed. 

Finally, the knowing your bed mattress size will enable you to get the right sheets. 

Things to consider When Buying a Bed

Now that you know you want to get a Queen mattress, there are still a few things you need to consider. 

What type of mattress do you want? 

There are latex foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses that use coil springs to support your body frame, memory foam mattresses, air mattresses and waterbeds.

When choosing your bed, it is advisable that you ask to try the bed for size; if you’re shopping in land-based stores. Usually, bed shops allow buyers to try the mattresses so they can check how comfortable the bed is for them.

On the other hand, if you are shopping for your bed online, you may want to check the shop’s return and exchange policy to ensure that you can get a better bed in case you are not happy with your initial purchase.

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