Wind Power Plant Dimensions

The following wind power plant specs are for the GE Energy 1.5 MW Wind Turbine. In the US, wind turbines and wind power plants are used interchangeably. Sometimes these are also called wind farms or generating stations.

Wind Power Plant Dimensions: Tower and Rotor

The tower hub heights for the 1.5sle are 61.4+ / 64.7+ / 80+ / 85+; for the 1.5sl it is 61.4 / 64.7 / 80 / 85 / 100; for the 1.5s they are 64.7 / 80 / 85 / 100 m and for the 1.5se they are 52.6 / 54.7 / 64.7.

The rotor blades on the 1.5sle, 1.5sl, 1.5s and 1.5se are 3 each. The diameter is 77 m for the 1.5sle and 1.5sl. For the 1.5s and the 1.5se it is 70.5 m. The swept area is 4,657 m2 for the 1.5sle and 1.5sl. For the 1.5s and the 1.5se it is 3,904 m2. The tower is multi-coated and is equipped with a ladder to the nacelle.

Wind Power Plant Dimensions: Operating Specs

The rated capacity is 1,500 kW for the 1.5sle, 1.5sl, 1.5s and 1.5se. The cut in wind speed is 3.5 m/s for the 1.5sle and 1.5sl. For the 1.5s and 1.5se it is 4 m/s. The cut out in wind speed 600 s average is 25 m/s for the 1.5sle, 20 m/s for the 1.5sl, 25 m/s for the 1.5se. For the 1.5s it is 22 m/s (WZ II), 25 m/s (WZ II).

The cut out wind speed 30 s average is 28 m/s (IEC s) for the 1.5sle, 23 m/s (WZ I) for the 1.5sl; for the 1.5s: WZ II: 25 m/s WZ III, IEC II: 28 m/s and for the 1.5se it is 28 m/s (IEC I).

Wind Power Plant Dimensions: Rated Wind Speed and Power Control

The wind speed is 12 m/s for the 1.5sle, 1.5sl, 1.5s and 1.5se. The power control for all four is active blade pitch control. The wind turbines’ operating limit is -4 to 104 degrees F (-20 to 40 C). The control system is PLC (programmable logic controller).

The gearbox is a 3 step planetary spur gear system and the generator is of the double phase, 3 step kind. The braking system is composed of electromagnetic pitch controls for every blade (hydraulic parking brake). The converter is pulse width modulated IGBT frequency.

Wind Power Plant Dimensions: Other Features

There is impact noise insulation on the generator as well as the gearbox. There is also a sound reduction feature on the gearbox and rotor blades are designed to keep noise to a low level. There are also lightning receptors included on the end of the blades.

The electrical parts all have surge protection built in. The cut back in wind speed average is 22 m/s (IECs) for the 1.5sle, 17 m/s (WZ I) for the 1.5sl, 19 m/s (WZ I) for the 1.5s and 22 m/s (IEC I) for the 1.5se.

The technical specifications and wind power plant dimensions are subject to change and modifications. Wind turbines from other companies do not necessarily employ these figures either.

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