What is the size of West Virginia?

One of the U.S. states found in the West VirginiaMid Atlantic as well as the Appalachian regions, West Virginia is bordered by Maryland and Pennsylvania at the northeast, Ohio at the northwest, Kentucky at the southwest and Virginia at the southeast. The largest city and the capital of the state is Charleston. The state has a distinct position, which makes it a part of some geographical regions in the country like the Northeastern Unites States as well as the Upland South. In order to learn more about the state’s geography, let us look at the total area and population of West Virginia.

The Size of West Virginia

What is the size of West Virginia? The total area of the state is 62,755 square kilometer. The total width of West Virginia is 210 kilometers while the total length is 385 kilometers. The total percentage of area covered by water is 0.6. The highest point in the state is the Spruce Knob, which has a height of 4,863 feet. On the other hand, the lowest point is the Harpers Ferry with a depth of 240 feet. The mean elevation of the area is 1,500 feet.

This place is the only state in the country that can be found along the Appalachian Mountain range. Because of its location, many people call the place as the Mountain State. The cold climate in the area is caused by the presence of the high points at the Monongahela National Forest region. Some of the areas in the state that are protected by government agencies are the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, the Bluestone National Scenic River, the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge as well as the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

The size of the state can also be measured in terms of population. Among the states of the U.S., West Virginia ranked 37th in the most populous areas with a total of 1,812,035 residents in 2007. The population density in the place is 29 per square kilometer. When it comes to the median income of people living in the state, the place ranked 48th with the income of $38,029.

The Braxton County is the center of population in the area. One of the factors that contributed to the increased population is the immigration from other countries and migration from other states. Immigration of people added 10,518 individuals in the mentioned year. Most of the people that live in the state are Americans, Germans, Italians, Irish and English.

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