Aluminum Sheet Gauge Sizes

Aluminum sheet gauge sizes are used to determine the thickness of a metal sheet piece. The thinner the sheet is, the higher the number will be.

Gauge Thickness Guide

Gauge 000000 is 0.5800 inch thick. Gauge 0000 is 0.4600 thick, while 00 is 0.3648 inch. Gauge 1, 2, 3 and 4 have thicknesses of 0.2893, 0.2576, 0.2294 and 0.2043 inches. Gauge sizes 5, 6, 7 and 8 are 0.1819, 0.1620, 0.1443 and 0.1285 inches thick respectively. Gauge 12 is 0.1046 thick, while gauge 14 is 0.0747 inch thick. Gauge 16 is 0.0598, while gauge 18 has a thickness of 0.0478 of an inch.

Guide for Aluminum Gauge Measurement

You will need a caliper and a gauge conversion list. Open the caliper and make it wider than the aluminum metal. Close the caliper jaws on the sheet. Position the jaws and set their edges on the aluminum.

Write the thickness down. Repeat these steps for all the metal edges. Combine the values. To get the thickness, divide the sum in four. The result is the average thickness. Use a conversion sheet and find the thickness nearest the figure you got. Find the matching gauge number.

More about Sizes

The thicknesses are set upon the sheet weight for a specified material. The American Wire Gage (AWG) standard is used for aluminum, brass and other non ferrous metals. The standard used in the UK is the Birmingham Gage (BG). This is not the same as the Birmingham Wire Gage (BWG). The standard measurement used in the US is inches. In Europe and elsewhere it is in thickness. The per unit area weight of the sheet is in kilograms per square meter or pounds per square foot.

Other Information

When engaged in manufacturing, various sheet metal gauges are utilized. The sheet metal gauge determines the weight. The metal sheet composition determines the mechanical properties. Ferrous metal sheet grades assume 41.82 lbs for every sq ft per inch thickness.

In other words, a sq ft sheet that is 1 inch thick weighs 41.82 pounds. Since manufacturers don’t use this size, gauges are employed. They denote fractions of this size. As indicated above, the smallest gauge is 00000. This is equivalent to half an inch. The largest is the 26 gauge. The biggest gauges are just over one fifth of an inch thick.

Aluminum sheet gauge sizes provided here are only for this metal type. Specifications for galvanized steel, stainless steel and zinc are different.

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