How Big is a Rat Trap?

The rat trap dimensions are probably as numerous as the design variants. Some measure 11.5 x 4 x 4.8 inches, good for large rats. Other traps measure 6 x 4 x 4.8 for smaller rodents. There are many other sizes and shapes available.


These traps are designed to eliminate rats in the house. Exterminators can do the job, but they are only called on if there is an infestation.


These traps are classified in two groups: those that just capture the rodents and those that kill it. The kill traps include glue traps, electronic and snap traps. The live traps are those that capture the creature which will then be released later.

Snap Traps

The snap trap is one of the most easily recognizable. These are among the cheapest traps around. It is made up of a wood block on which a snapping mechanism is connected. The bait is connected to the trigger.

When the rat eats the food bait, the snapping mechanism is released. This will break the rat’s neck. But these traps have fallen out of favor for several reasons. They are difficult to use, messy and dangerous. It is too easy for fingers to get snared in the trap, causing serious injuries.

Glue Traps

These are composed of thick vinyl sheets layered with glue-like adhesives. The mixture contains ingredients that smell good for the rodents. When they step on the mixture they get stuck. The more they struggle, the more they are ensnared. The rats will be killed struggling. Others have to be disposed of.

Electronic Traps

These are boxes that will electrocute the creatures when they step inside. Many run on batteries and can be disposed after use. These are available in different sizes. They tend to be costly regardless of the rat trap dimensions.

Live Traps

Many people like live traps because they can be used repeatedly. Many have glass lids so you can see the contents inside. When the rat goes in, the entry point is shut. Variations of this design can also be found.

Which Trap is Best?

Many like to use the traps that kill because of their efficiency. They are also ideal if there are lots of rats in the place.

Others prefer the live traps because it is more humane. If there is only an occasional rat in the house, this will be all right. Whichever you pick, make sure the rat trap dimensions are correct.

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