Fountain Pen Sizes

The average size of a fountain pen is 5" if the cap is on. The height will be 5.5" if the cap is posted as you write. However, these pens are also available in various sizes, shapes and colors.

General Information about Fountain Pens

The fountain pen is a nib pen with a reservoir of liquid (water based). The ink is drawn from the reservoir via a feed to the nib onto the paper. This means very little pressure is needed for writing. An eyedropper may be utilized to fill it with ink.

It is also possible to use an internal filler mechanism. This will produce suction to move the ink to the nib and to the reservoir. There are also some pens that use removable reservoirs. These are known as ink cartridges.

The fountain Pens Today

Although the pens are more expensive than the ballpoint, many people still like to use them. Many reasons are cited. These include making writing easier and they are also more comfortable.

Some people who suffer from arthritis find it easier to write with fountain pens. The pen is also used widely for calligraphy, drawing, art design and more expressive penmanship. There are also people who collect fountain pens.

The size of a fountain pen not only varies, but so are the designs. Fountain pens sold as collectibles come in different colors and ornate designs. Some are set with precious metals like gold and silver. Others are set with lacquer designs.

Tips for Buying a Fountain Pen

The first consideration is the price. As stated, they are more expensive than ballpoint, but the quality is higher. In addition, these pens are more durable.

If you see fountain pens that cost a hundred dollars and up, that pen has gold casing, laden with precious metals or is vintage. That is also the price range of limited or special edition fountain pens.

The ink capacity will be an issue if you write a lot of letters. If you are buying vintage pens, keep in mind that some of them are known for their low ink capacity. However, many of the modern fountain pens have an increased ink capacity.

If you are interested in buying, it is a good idea to look for them on the Net. Here you will be able to compare the size of a fountain pen and its price. In addition you will be able to find other facts about the pen too.

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