What is the Size of a Garment Steamer?

The garment steamer sizes are rarely the same. Some of them measure 12.6 x 9 x 13 inches while others are 13 x 8 x 12 inches. Because manufacturers want a compact look, expect the sizes of these devices to become even smaller.


The steamer is an apparatus that is utilized for removing wrinkles on clothes. In terms of function, they are similar to the iron press. These steamers are frequently used by stores for clothes that will be displayed.

But there are also some designed for use by individuals. These devices can also be employed in lieu of ironing. Its main advantage is that it is effective and quick.

Efficiency and Benefits

The rapidity with which wrinkles are slackened can be seen in the various garment steamer sizes. In business, this speed is of the essence. If you have to display hundreds of clothes every day, getting them ready quickly is a must.


Although available in various shapes, the most common has a water well at the foundation. This is a long steel rod that can extend up to 1.5 meters (5 feet) over the foundation. There is also an elastic rubber tube that relays steam from the foundation all the way to the nozzle.

How the Steamer Works

After the device is plugged in, the water stored in the base starts to get hot. The heart produces steam that goes up the tube. It comes out from the nozzle.

The rod is where you can hang the garment. After the clothing has been set on the rod, the steam will go up. Now the nozzle can be used to brush over portions that are wrinkled. The high concentration of steam makes it easy to eliminate the wrinkles.


The time it takes for the steamer to remove the wrinkles depends on how wrinkled the garment is. It also depends on how thick the material is. It also depends on the quality and power of the steamer.

These devices are not created equally. Even if they work on the same garments, there is no guarantee they will finish at the same time. The dimensions of the garments are also factors.

When you are looking for garment steamer sizes, read the product specs. It may provide info on how quickly it can remove wrinkles.

You should also examine its water tank capacity; the bigger it is, the more steam can be generated. This is important if you work on a lot of garments.

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