Size of a Roadheader

The road header is a machine used for tunneling. It comes with a drum mounted on the base which is fitted with a cutting head. As it turns, rock or ore is excavated. The machine is used mainly for mining and in railroads.

SLB-350S Road Header Sizes

The machine is 18m long and 4.8m high. The cylinder width is 3.4m (3.2m) and the weight is 120 tons. The cutting motor is 350/350kW-4/6P and the under cut is 0.45m. The maximum cutting width is 8.8m. The maximum cutting height is 8.8m. The machine is designed for excavating soft and medium hard rocks.

SLB-300S Road Header Specs

The SLB-300S is 13.5m long and 4.8m high. This road header is 3.4m (3.2m) wide with the crawler and it weighs 90 tons. The maximum cutting edge width is 8.3m and the maximum cutting height is 8.8m. The under cut is 0.45m and the cutting motor is 300/200kW-4/6P.

The SLB-300S is designed for use in different geological conditions. It can be used on rocks up to 100MPa. The machine also has a variable drum rotation speed. This means it can be used in unique geological settings.

MRH-S300 Road Header Sizes

The MRH-S300 road header is 20.8m long and 4.7m height. The width is 4.0m (3.1m) and it weighs around 95 tons. The cutting motor is 300/150kW-4/8P and the under cut is 0.45m.

The cutting height is 6.5m and the maximum cutting width is 7.5m. The MRH-S300 is used for low vibration tunneling. The unit comes with a 300kW 2-speed motor and a drum rotation speed thatcan be adjusted.

MRH-S200 Road Header Specs

The MRH-S200 road header is 11.5m long and 3.85m height. It is wide and weighs 49 tons. The cutting motor is 200/110kW-4/8P and the under cut is 0.35m. The maximum cutting height and width are 6.0m and 6.4m respectively. The RH-S200 is designed for excavating soft and medium rocks.

MRH-S100 Road Header Specs

The MRH-S100 has a 100/60kW-4/8P cutting motor and an under cut of 0.25m. The maximum cutting width and height are 5.1m and 4.5m. It weighs 27 tons and is 2.8m (1.9m) wide. The height is 1.8m and is 12.1m long. The motor included allows it to be used for various mining excavations.

The different road header sizes and specifications are necessary as mining operations are very diverse. If you need one for a project, there should be one that can handle whatever your needs are.

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