Viola Size Chart

The right viola size is necessary for you to play the instrument correctly. The following are the dimensions of violas used today. The measurements given are in inches. One inch is equivalent to 25.4 millimeters.

Dimensions of the Viola

A 16.5 size has a body length of 16.5 inches and a maximum width of 9.8 inches. The total length is 27 inches. The size 16 has a body length of 16 in with a width of 8.75 in. The entire length is 26.5 in.

For the 15.5 size, the body length is 15.5 and the width is 8.5 in. The total length has been measured at 26 in. The viola size 15 possesses a body length of 15 in and a width of 8.0 in. As for the entire length of the viola, it is 25 in.

The size 14 has a width of 7.5 and a body length of 4/4 VI. The total is 23 in. Size 13 has a body length of 3/4 VI with a maximum width of 7 in. The length is 21.75 in.

The 12 size has a body of 1/2 VI and a width of 6.75. The total length is 20.5. Although there may be other sizes out there, these are the most common and are used in virtually all viola teaching schools.

Viola Size by Age

For ages 15 and above, the 151/2″-161/2″ viola is most ideal. For 13 to 14 year olds, the 151/2″-16″ size is more ideal. The 15” is suitable for players aged 12 to 13 years. For 10 to 11 year olds, the 14 in viola is more suitable. For 8 to 10 year olds a ½ size violin strung like a viola will be suitable.

For children 7 to 9, a ¼ size violin will do. For 5 to 6 year olds, the 1/8 violin will be sufficient. The 1/16 violin will be the best for children 3 to 5 years old. All these violins should be strung as viola.

Viola Size by Arm Length

For arm lengths 27 1/2 to 28 +, the 16” to 161/2″ viola will be the most ideal. If the arm length is between 26″to 27″, the viola to use should be the 151/2″. The 15” viola on the other hand, is most suited for arm lengths of 24 5/8″ to 25″.

If the arm length is from 22 1/4″ to 23 5/8″, the viola to use will be the 14”. If the arm length is 25” the viola should be 13”. If the arm length is 20”, viola measuring 12” will be preferable.

How to Pick the Right Viola

Stretch your arm and make sure there isn’t a bend. Evaluate the distance from the neck to the palm. Now check with the measurements given here. The distance provided here are the lowest you should employ. If the distance is not exact, go with the closet one on the list.

Keep in mind that these viola sizes are at most approximations. It is best if you consult your instructor before actually buying one.

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