Drilling Machine Sizes

There are many kinds of drilling machines, but basically the term refers to tools that have a cutting, rotating component attached to its end. This is used to drill holes in various objects and materials. These machines are used for oil drilling, metalworking, masonry, construction, and other fields.

Drilling Machine Sizes

These machines come in different sizes. The DRL-344 drilling machine weighs 38,000 lbs, is 122" deep and 102-1/4" wide. The height at the top of the frame is 63-7/8" while the crane clearance height is 130". The minimum roller height is 24" and the maximum is 44". The maximum material width is 44” while the minimum is 4”. The maximum material weight is 1,000 lbs.

The maximum hole size is 1-7/8” with 15hp motors and 2-1/4” with 20hp motors. The range height is 18”. Other features include high-speed carbide drilling, 24” independent spindle length travel, positioning accuracy of +/- 1/32” and thru-spindle coolant system.

Types of Drills

The drilling machine size given is not indicative of the dimensions of other drill tools as they have different specs. These include the drill press, hammer drill, pistol-grip drill, push drill and hand drill. Aside from boring holes, these tools may be used to set screws into composites, rock, metal, plastic or wood.

Hand and Push Drills

Hand and push drills are manually run. The hand drill is used by turning the crank, which turns the chuck. The push drill looks like a screwdriver. It comes with a handle so it can be set into a pole or shaft. While both are still around, they have been largely superseded by power tools.

Pistol Grip Drills

These are the most widely used drilling tools today. They look like pistols and fitted with a trigger. The trigger switch will turn on the motor inside. The machine is used to create holes in wood and other materials. The pistol grip drills are available in many sizes and variants. Some rely on electricity while others are battery operated.

Hammer Drills

This is a lot like the pistol grip. The difference is it includes a punching motion. This feature makes it suitable for harder materials like stone or concrete. The hammer drill is also available in many types.

Drilling machine sizes also vary for the drill press. This tool is suited for drilling work that needs to be very precise. Since the specs of each machine vary, it is imperative you scrutinize the specifications thoroughly.

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