Bracelet Sizes

Finding the right bracelet size is essential to your enjoyment of this jewelry. Get one that’s too small and you could end up bruising your wrist; get one that’s a tad bigger than your size and you could lose the bracelet since it could easily slip off from your wrist.

If you are buying your bracelet from a land-based jewelry store, then you would have no problem selecting the right bracelet sizes because you can always try them on.

The problem lies when you do your jewelry shopping online or you are buying one as a gift and you naturally can’t ask the recipient to try on the bracelet since it will blow the surprise.

Basic Bracelet Sizes

To give you an idea of the available sizes bracelets usually come in, see the size guide below.

For Grown-Ups:

  • Small – six and ½ to seven inches
  • Medium – seven and ¼ inches to seven and ½ inches
  • Large – eight inches
  • Extra Large – eight and ½ inches or over

For Kids:

  • Zero to Two Months – four inches
  • Three to Six Months – four and ½ inches
  • Seven to Twelve Months – four and ¾ inches
  • Twelve to Twenty-Four Months – five inches
  • Two Years – five and ¼ inches
  • Three Years – five and ½ inches
  • Four to Five Years – five and ¾ inches
  • Six to Seven Years – six inches
  • Eight to Nine Years – six and ¼ inches
  • Ten to Eleven Years – six and ½ inches
  • Twelve to Thirteen Years – six and ¾ inches
  • Fourteen Years and Over – seven inches

Bear in mind that these are general measurements. If you have large beads or gemstones in the bracelet you might have to add a few centimeters into the given bracelet size for a more comfortable fit.

Taking Your Own Bracelet Size

You can also measure your own bracelet size to help you determine your actual size. Take a soft tape measure and wrap it around your wrist, just under the wrist bone.

Make sure that you do not wrap the measuring tape too tightly. To make room for the clasp, add about ½ inch up to 1 inch.

Another way to measure your bracelet size is to wrap the tape measure around your wrist, just about 1 and ½ inches above your wrist bone and add one inch to your measurement.

Try to move the tape measure around your wrist using the measurements that you have just taken to check if the fit is comfortable enough and just the right size to prevent the bracelet from slipping off from your wrist.

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