How Big is a 3 Carat Diamond

If you are buying a 3-carat diamond, you may notice that some stones look bigger than the others even if they are of the same carat weight. 
This is because there are various diamond cuts and depending on which cut you are getting, a 3-carat diamond can either look smaller or bigger than your other options.
How Big is a 3-Carat Diamond?
Based on their cut, a 3-carat diamond may come in the following sizes:
Round Brilliant Diamond Cut
One of the most popular diamond cuts used for engagement rings, the Round Brilliant Diamond Cut of 3 carats has an approximate size of about 9.3 millimeters or 0.3661 in inches.
Princess Diamond Cut
Square in shape, a Princess Diamond Cut of 3 carats is approximately 8.3 by 8.3 millimeters or about 0.3268 by 0.3268 inches. 
Emerald Diamond Cut
An Emerald Cut diamond weighing three carats on the other hand, may have approximate dimensions of 10 by 8 millimeters. This is about 0.3937 by 0.3150 in inches.
Pear Diamond Cut
This pear-shaped diamond cut will be about 12 by 8 millimeters for a 3-carat diamond. These dimensions are equivalent to 0.4724 by 0.3150 inches.
Oval-Shaped Diamond Cut
For an oval-shaped diamond of 3 carats in weight, you can have dimensions of approximately 10 x 8 millimeters or around 0.3937 by 0.3150 in inches; similar to the dimensions of the Emerald Cut diamond, different only in shape.
Heart-Shaped Diamond Cut
A 3-carat heart-shaped diamond is approximately 9 by 9 millimeters or around 0.3543 by 0.3543 inches. These dimensions are quite close to the dimensions of the Round Brilliant Cut.
Trillion Diamond Cut
For this shape, a 3-carat diamond has similar dimensions with that of the heart-shaped diamond; 9 by 9 millimeters which is equivalent to 0.3543 by 0.3543 in inches. 
Marquise Diamond Cut
This one by far has the most varied dimensions out of all the diamond cuts listed here. Elongated in shape and similar to that of an eye, three carats of the Marquise diamond is approximately 14 by 7 millimeters or 0.5511 by 0.2756 inches thereabouts.
Radiant Diamond Cut
This shape also has similar dimensions as that of the Emerald Cut diamond and the shape is also somewhat similar, with both cuts rectangular in form. Measurements for this 3-carat diamond cut are 10 by 8 millimeters or approximately 0.3937 by 0.3150 inches.
Asscher Diamond Cut
This cut is kind of like the square-shaped Princess Cut. The only difference is that the four corners of this shape are trimmed to kind of like make “straight” corners.
Dimensions for this are 8.3 by 8.3 millimeters or approximately 0.3268 by 0.3268 inches. 

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