Dimensions of a Qur’an

Dimensions of a Qur’an come in different sizes: small, medium and large. The small ones make them ideal for carrying around in your pocket, while the medium and large ones are ideal for homes or offices.

The pocket-sized Qur’an usually measures around eight centimeters by twelve centimeters and nine centimeters by thirteen centimeters and weighs approximately twenty-five grams. These Dimensions of a Qur’an have more than a thousand pages.

There are also Dimensions of a Qur’an that come in about seventeen centimeters by twelve centimeters and have more than six hundred pages. Other small and medium sizes include eight centimeters by seventeen centimeters and seventeen centimeters by twenty-four centimeters.

For a large one, Dimensions of a Qur’an is approximately thirty-three centimeters by twenty-four centimeters.

What is the Qur’an?

The Qur’an is a religious book of the Islamic religion where divine guidance is revealed. The book is believed to contain divine and moral guidance from God as told to the prophet Muhammad with the help of an angel, Jibril.

It is further believed that the Qur’an’s divine messages were revealed spanning a period of twenty-three years. The book contains one hundred and fourteen chapters, the names of which are likewise believed to be given by God to Muhammad.


Muslims believe that the Qur’an cannot be translated to another language because a single word may have different contextual meanings and therefore may be subject to incorrect interpretations in an attempt to translate it.

However, there are still a lot of translations now available today. Various translations include African, Asian and European languages. Usually, Dimensions of a Qur’an that has been translated are in small or medium versions and usually translated in English.

If you compare it to the Christian Bible, it is said that the Dimensions of a Qur’an in this regard is akin to the size of the New Testament book.

There are also Dimensions of a Qur’an in small volumes where each book contains specific parts or chapters of the Qur’an. Supplements that help in studying and understanding the Qur’an have also been made available for those who are only beginning to study the Islamic religion.

For these Dimensions of a Qur’an study-guide, they usually measure around seventeen centimeter by twenty-four centimeters and likewise come in several volumes; typically around ten volumes, giving you ten different books for help in learning the Qur’an.

All these books are available online for purchase and delivery. You can also find more helpful information about the Qur’an on the internet, with several websites painstakingly explaining each part of the Qur’an to help beginners understand the meanings of the divine revelations contained in the book.

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