Queen Size Quilt Dimensions

Many queen size quilt dimensions exist. It all depends on the mattress size. A standard queen mattress measures 60 inches by 80 inches. For this type of mattress, you will need a quilt measuring 84 inches by 102 inches. This will give you a ten inch pillow tuck and 12 inch mattress edge drop.

Materials for Making Quilts

For binding and backing, you need backing fabric 7 to 8 yards. Now measure the quilt length in inches. Multiply the result by three. Add 18 to the result and divide the resulting number by 36. The result is the required yardage. Binding needs will be the same as your quilt perimeter. However, add 18 inches for security.

Quilt Blocks

After learning about queen size quilt dimensions, this is the next most important subject. If you have the standard 12 in sq blocks, you need thirty five to forty eight blocks to make it queen size. The size of the border width strips must also be considered.

Design Ideas – Basic Blocks

This is the simplest and quickest to make. It is suitable for novices. One fabric square makes up a block. Add 156 squares and you will get it to queen-like proportions. Beginners can also try a two-tone quilt. You can combine different fabrics and come up with different styles. After getting several blocks, it is simply a matter of lining them in rows followed by columns. You should end up with a quilt 13 blocks long and 12 blocks wide. Basic types don’t have borders, which is why they are easy to make.

After piecing together the blocks, stitch the binding around outer seams. Give it the “quilt look” by applying some stippling.

Other Information

Stores and online shops offer quilts for sale. If you want to make quilts, the web is also a good place to find inspiration. You can also find magazines and books that feature all sorts of quilts. Don’t be discouraged if the designs seem very advanced. It won’t take long before you are able to do something similar.

Quilts are available in different sizes. If you find a style you like but it isn’t big enough for a queen, modify the block sizes. The key is studying block patterns and sizes.

Quilts are commercially available, but many enjoy making them. Large variants with queen size quilt dimensions will take more time. But it can also be relaxing and rewarding.

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