Aquarium Sizes For Turtles

Appropriate aquarium sizes for turtles have to be used for the animals to live and be healthy. The rule of thumb is 15 gallons per one inch of turtle. You need to give them sufficient place to swim in. They will need at least 6 inches of swimming space.

More about Turtle Tank Sizes

The majority of these tanks are square or rectangle. Either one is all right. Turtles, especially the Red Eared Sliders, need a lot of space. Adults can reach lengths of 10 inches (26 cm). A 5 inch (13 cm) adult turtle requires a 30 gallon (100 l) tank minimum. The larger the tank, the better it is for the creature.

Make certain there is sufficient water so the animal can turn if it ends up backwards. This should be three-quarters of the turtle’s length.

The smallest acceptable aquarium sizes for turtles is 4 times the length of the animal. The width should be at least twice that of the animal. The height ought to be 2 times the turtle’s height. Add to this figure 8 and half times the highest level the animal can get in the aquarium. The size has to be that of the adult turtle.

Otherwise, the aquarium will become too small when the turtle grows up. The water area requirements are the same. The land area diameter has to be 1 and half times the creature’s length. The land should make up 35% of the aquarium. There has to be an extra 12 inches of height so the creatures can’t escape.


The most widely available is the rectangular glass tank. Get tanks with glasses that are at least 10 mm thick. Don’t buy thin glass because they will break easily. If you want the creatures to breed, a land area is necessary. That is where the turtle eggs will be buried.


Tanks will cost at least $30. The price goes up as the site gets bigger. Filters will cost at least $25. Platforms and rocks will set you back at least $20. You can save money by just using the rocks in your yard. Underwater heaters cost at least $25. The bigger the heater, the more expensive they will be. $25 is also the starting price of a spectrum heat lamp.

The aquarium sizes for turtles given here assume the creatures can swim without any obstacles. If you are going to put in stones and plants, the tank has to be bigger.

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