Bed Bug Egg Size

A bed bug infestation can grow to greater heights at a short period of time. That’s mainly because female bed bugs can lay up to five eggs each day and 200-500 eggs in her total lifetime. Those eggs will grow rapidly after hatching. In a few week’s time, it will be one of the many who will be looking at you as a prospect through their compounded eyes.

Bed bug egg size is pretty small. It is just like a dot, which is mostly laid in mattresses, in the thin cervices of box springs, and under the base boards. They are laid in safe and secure places where no trace can be seen.

After hatching, the bed bug is very small, at only 1.5 meters in length. Its color ranges from white to light tan to brown to burnt orange. After its first engorgement on blood, it will proceed to the second nymphal stage and would measure about 2mm in length. At the third nymphal stage, the bed bug will continue to hang onto feeding blood in order to molt. It will be about 2.5mm long at this point. At the fourth stage, the bug will grow rapidly as it starts to molt. Its common size during this stage is 3mm. After 6 to 8 weeks of hatching from the egg, the bed bug is about ready to take on its final stage. It will molt and grow into a 4.5mm long insect, which will require 5 to 10 minutes of feeding from an unknowing host.

The key to eliminating bed bugs is identifying them first and foremost. You must identify their existence so you can stop their further development. Through effective pest control, you will avoid more eggs to be laid and more insects to be hatched.

Identifying Bug Infestation

Now you know that identifying bed bug infestation is key to terminating its existence. Here are a few tips on knowing whether or not your household is infested by bed bugs.

* Bed bugs seek refuge in cracks and cervices. They also like to hide in electrical outlets, behind wallpapers, and under the base boards. They can also be found in the creases of mattresses and carpets.

* To search for bed bugs, you must use a flashlight. Look through the common grounds they thrive in.

* Bed bugs have a pungent odor caused by the liquid they emit.

* Bed bugs are characterized by blood spots. They are crawling insects not more than ¼ inch, and may have excrement skins.

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