Baby Bed Bug Size

The average baby bed bug size is 1.3 mm to 4-5 mm. Newborn bugs are called nymphs. When they reach adulthood, a bed bug will reach a length of 1/4 inches.

Color and Shape

Nymphs are virtually colorless when they are born. These bugs slowly turn brownish as they mature. The color turns into a rusty brown if the bed bugs have not fed. They turn red-brown when engorged. Not fed, the bugs are oval, broad and flat. They become longer and swell up after feeding. These bugs have six legs.

Common Bed Bug Characteristics

Scientifically known as Cimex lectularius Linnaeus, the bug is a type of ectoparisite insect. Unlike other parasites, it lives outside the host’s body. Its diet consists of the blood of humans and other warm-blooded organisms. They are often found in box springs, mattresses, sheets and other bed parts.

But these insects can also be found in crevices and cracks. In other words, they like to hide in dark, concealed places around a house. These bugs can also be found hiding in carpets, rugs, sofas and chair cushions.


Although baby bed bug size can vary, their traits and habits are very similar. They are known for hitchhiking on suitcases and clothes. That is why it is common for people on vacation to unknowingly bring them home. Unknown to them, the creatures have snuck in their bags or shoes. These bugs are most active during the night and wee morning hours.

Other hiding places include folded parts of beds and baseboards. These bugs can also be found in wallpaper, picture frames, a car or furniture near beds or couches.


These bugs look for their meal during the night. If there is an infestation, they will feed during the day. It usually takes them five to ten minutes to swell up. Afterwards they retreat to their hiding places for five to ten days. This period is spent mating, digesting their meal and laying eggs.


No matter what the baby bed bug size is, they have to be eliminated as soon as possible. Left alone, these bugs will multiply rapidly. If you came back from vacation, vacuum every suitcase you used. Check your bed sheets for blood spots; their presence indicates bed bugs are around.

Here are other suggestions: keep a flashlight nearby so you can spot them during the night. Don’t buy used mattresses or furniture. They are liable to contain these bugs.

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