Largest Turkey

Turkey is definitely a must-have at every dinner table during Thanksgiving. In fact, there have been records showing that there are more turkeys eaten during Thanksgiving than during Easter and Christmas combined.

That’s how turkey is almost equivalent to Thanksgiving and vice versa.

Having a Feast?

The turkey is a very convenient dish to cook when you are expecting a large number of people over dinner. Its size, which is no smaller than four pounds and can be as huge as 86 pounds, is appropriate for family feasts. You read that right. The largest turkey ever recorded in history was an 86-pound bird. That’s in the Guinness Book of World Records since late 1980s.

Why turkey has become the symbol for Thanksgiving remains in contest. What is for sure though is that no Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without Big Tom in the middle of the dining table.

The best and the most popular way of preparing turkey is roasting it complete with a special stuffing inside. Then again, like others birds as chicken, you can cook it any other way. But if you want it special, if you want it for a feast, roasting a stuffed turkey is the best option.

Roast turkey looks good at the dining table. It is huge, it looks yummy, it is almost irresistible. But since turkey is very rich, you cannot avoid having leftovers after. Don’t worry, as much as turkey has become part of special occasions and people almost always have to deal with leftovers no matter how big or small, there have been recipes concocted based on turkey leftovers. Some people even look forward to leftover turkey recipes more than the actual dinner.

The most popular ways to prepare a leftover turkey are as a sandwich, as a salad, as a casserole, as a soup, or simply stir-fried. No matter which way you do it, you can expect a delectable meal even after Thanksgiving is over.

Turkey Facts

Did you know that…

* Most turkeys raised are flightless? Yes, the White Hollands, which is the breed usually raised in farms, do not fly.

* Canada raises turkey all-year round? They rank as top six among the turkey producers in the world.

* In ancient times, a flock of turkeys are walked to the market? That was in Old England and United States.

* Turkeys have 157 bones and 3,500 feathers? While the number of bones is true for all turkeys, the feather count is just about an average adult bird. There is a need for more feathers to cover an 86-pound turkey, of course.

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