Floodlight Dimensions

A floodlight can be used in many settings, but its efficiency depends on the specifications of the product and how it is used. No matter what you buy, make sure to peruse its features thoroughly.

Floodlight Dimensions: Designers Edge L-992WH

The Designers Edge L-992WH floodlight measures 20 x 16.8 x 19.8 inches. The L-992WH is a motion activated device made for outdoor use. This 180 degree floodlight allows you to change the time and sensitivity to suit your preferences.

The unit is made of weather resistant metal. The unit can be set to dusk to dawn mode or to motion. A metal protective bulb is included for additional strength. The L-992WH is easily configured.

The floodlight can work with large open spaces or small patios. The sensitive level is just right to distinguish between plants and moving people.

Floodlight Dimensions: Maxsa Solar Dual Head

The Maxsa Solar Dual Head measures 7.7 x 6.9 x 6 inches. The unit comes with a nine foot long cable. The device can be used in gardens, garages and other locations. The dual head setup allows the unit to produce a couple of light beams with eight LEDs.

The Maxsa Solar can sense movement up to a distance of 25 feet. This outdoor security floodlight allows you to reset the heads for additional lighting. The included LEDs never have to be replaced.

Being solar powered, you get good lighting without using up any electrical power. The setup does not require the help of an electrician.

Floodlight Dimensions: Maxsa Innovations 40225

The MAXSA Innovations 40225 floodlights measures 10 x 9 x 7 inches and weighs 4.6 lbs. This is a solar powered light made for outdoor use. There are 80 LEDs, all of which will never burn out.

The device is designed to be environmentally friendly; it can generate light equal to a 40W halogen bulb without utilizing electrical power. The Innovations 40225 lights will go on when motion is sensed.

This unit is ideal for patios, sheds and other areas that require added lighting. The time it stays on can be adjusted easily. Its durability makes it ideal for long term outdoor use.

Floodlight Dimensions: GE 47478 and Cooper Lighting MX1W

The GE 47478 floodlight measures 7.8 x 5.9 x 3.7 inches. This is an indoor floodlight with a (E26) medium screw. The bulb is R30 (15 watts).

The lumens are 750 and can last for seven years (at a 4 hour, 120 V per day usage). The GE 47478 is made to produce the same light as a typical white floodlight but utilizes less watts.

The Cooper Lighting MX1W floodlight can be set on cave mount applications. There are two GY8.6 halogen bulbs in the package. The light generated is greater than a couple of 120 watt bulbs.

Whatever the floodlight dimensions you choose, it is imperative the unit be set up properly. You should also make adjustments to the sensitivity settings. Usually the default works fine, but there may be times when this has to be modified.

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