Avalanche Transceiver Sizes

Avalanche transceivers are devices used for locating people buried under snow. They can also be used to search for buried equipment. These are also called avalanche beacons.

Size of Avalanche Transceivers: ARVA Evo3

The ARVA Evo3 measures 135 x 80 x 25 mm. It is digital with the indicators consisting of audio and LEDs. Unlike its predecessor the Evolution+, the Evo3 has been fitted with a third antenna.

It uses an LCD arrow for the directions. An icon will also appear when there are multiple victims buried in the snow. There is also a scan mode, useful for checking the status of the victims.

After the harness is connected, the machine turns on. There is also a switch that toggles between SOS and the search function. The harness lets you set the transceiver by your side.

Size of Avalanche Transceivers: ARVA 3Axes

The ARVA 3Axes measures 135 x 80 x 25 mm. it is both analog and digital and comes with audio and LED indicators. The device comes with three antennas to avoid problems with spikes.

The unit can be turned on by joining the wrist strap to the transceiver. To go to search mode, you have to pull the beacon’s nose. The device lets you switch between the analog and digital modes.

If you’re in digital mode, just press the – and + buttons at the same time to go analog. These same keys can be used to adjust the signal’s sensitivity.

Size of Avalanche Transceivers: Barryvox VS 2000 Pro

The Barryvox VS 2000 Pro measures 132 x 75 x 24 mm (audio, analog). As with other single antenna transceivers, the user must interpret the flux lines. The 2000 Pro is equipped with a dial for switching between the receiver and transmit function.

The same dial handles the reception sensitivity. There is a harness fitted with a narrow strap. This is for placing the transceiver on the chest.

Although it does not have any tools for dealing with spikes, this is overcome with probing. This single antenna transceiver can be optionally fitted with a RECCO chip.

Size of Avalanche Transceivers: Barryvox VS 2000 Pro Ext

The Barryvox VS 2000 Pro Ext measures 132 x 75 x 24 mm. It is similar to the VS 200 Pro, but there are some differences. First, the Ext is a receiver only; there is no transmitter function built in.

This device is intended for use by professional rescuers only. It is also fitted with a large external antenna. This antenna is almost 12 inches long and 1 and ½ inches in diameter. The Ext also comes with Peltor headphones, used for hearing the signal.

The major feature of the device is the range. A pro rescuer can be situated at the top of an avalanche field and still conduct a search. The device is operated using both hands.

Obviously, the range is the most important part of the device. But the size of avalanche transceivers are also crucial because portability is always an issue in rescue missions.

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