Size of a Studio Apartment

Studio apartment sizes vary considerably. In the United States, the average size is 500 to 600 sq ft. However, there are some studio apartments that measure 300 sq ft. On the other end are apartments measuring thousands of square feet.

Definition and Types

The studio apartment is an apartment with a single room. They are also known as single room dwelling places or studio flats. There are several types available; the straight studio is very basic, while the alcove studio has a wing. The wing or nook is off the main area, which can be utilized for dining or sleeping.

The convertible studios are much bigger. The nook here is larger; a bedroom can be partitioned off the main room. In some cities the convertible studio is known as a junior 1-bedroom.

In terms of studio apartment size, the biggest are the loft apartments. In the average sized apartment, the kitchen and bathroom are situated in the main living area.

The available sizes will depend on several factors. One factor is the value of real estate in the area. Other issues to consider are the physical dimensions of the edifice where they are located.

For example, the building may be converted into several small low cost studios. Or the developer might opt for fewer but bigger (and more expensive) studios.


These apartments are designed to be affordable dwelling places. These are most suitable for singles and students. By maximizing the use of living space, it can be a comfortable place to live in.

These units are often strategically placed in cities. This is an added benefit for students and employees so they don’t have to travel far.

While studio apartment sizes cannot compare to a full fledged house, there are benefits. The small size keeps the monthly bills low. These units are also easy to clean up; for hardworking students and workers, this is a real plus. Because one has to maximize space usage, the clutter has to be kept low.

In terms of costs, studios are very affordable. Among various housing options, they are among the cheapest. The rates can be compared to 1 bedroom apartments.

How to Look for Studio Apartments

The best place to look is the Net. A search engine can point you to studios near you. Compare the prices and the size. The rule is to get the biggest one you can afford. Do not overspend, but if you find a spacious studio, you might as well go for it; somebody else might snap it up.

Once you get to the apartment, clean it up. Dust and oil everything before adding any decorations. Prepare a color scheme or theme. Next, add the decorative pieces.

Again, space is at a premium here, so install the important furniture and appliances first. By properly positioning the furniture, you will be able to overcome the space limitations and make it a comfortable place to live in.

The proper studio apartment size will be up to you. You need to keep in mind all the things you want to put there.

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