Crib Mattress Dimensions

CribMattressThe US Consumer Product Safety Commission has set down the guidelines for crib mattress sizes. If you’re going to buy a crib, you need to be aware of the following information.

Crib Measurements

The rails need to be 26 inches over the mattress (at the very least). The minimum level should be 9 inches. The guidelines state that the slats and spindles cannot be more than a couple of inches distant.

In addition there shouldn’t be any sharp corners that may injure the baby. The locking apparatus should be capable of handling at least 10 lbs of pressure.

Wood Usage

Cribs that use screws are very limited. Wood components mustn’t have cracks or splinters. Whatever the crib mattress size is, the mattress (and crib for that matter) can’t have ornaments that will cause the baby’s head to get trapped in between them.

The mattress should be 51” long and 27 in wide. These specifications should be on the package. Do not buy any mattresses that do not meet these minimum specifications.

Choosing the Right Mattress

You need to pick the mattress that fits the crib. Do not pick a small mattress because it’s dangerous. The baby might fall on the sides and get hurt. Next you should choose between a foam or an innerspring mattress.

Foam mattresses are measured in thickness and density. Density is far more important. You should choose one that is 1 ½ lbs per cubic in.

While the crib mattress size is always stated, the density isn’t. If the density isn’t specified, press your index finger in the center of the mattress. If it dents quickly, it’s too soft.

The density is right if you need to put pressure to make a dent. For innerspring mattresses, there needs to be at least 150 coils. The finger test also works for innerspring coil mattresses.

Safety Concerns

Buy mattresses that have ventilation holes. Some studies have shown that lack of ventilation can lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Most of these mattresses are resistant to fire, but verify it just to be certain.

Tips and Warnings

If you’re a new buyer, seek assistance from a qualified salesperson to get the right crib mattress size. But it’s best if you conduct some research too. Read the product description fully before buying. Always follow the instructions when installing any components. Do not put large blankets or covers beneath the baby.

If the baby turns and tosses, he / she could choke on the blankets. Make sure the room has lots of ventilation. Even then, babies should be put to sleep on their backs.

A good mattress doesn’t have to be expensive, but if you can afford the high priced ones, go for it. Your baby is going to spend a lot of time on the mattress; make him / her as comfortable as possible.

The crib mattress size is very important, so buy only the one that fits. As long as you don’t forget to factor in the other elements, your baby should be fine in his / her new crib.

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