Walk In Closet Dimensions

There are different Walk In Closet Dimensions you can use. Walk In Closet DimensionsThe appropriate size will depend on your needs. The basic rule of thumb however, is to make the closet as big as you can afford. The reason is simple: once the closet is there, you will find yourself putting a lot of clothes there.

Walk In Closet Dimensions – Walkway Sizes

Some people make do with a 5 foot walkway. But if there are plenty of shelves around it, that can go down to a 30” walkway. If you are going to set up organizing systems on both sides, a six foot walkway would be a better option. That will provide you with a walkway measuring 42”. That would give you sufficient space for organizers.

Other Walk-in Closet Dimensions Used

For a single person, a 6 x 6 size would be sufficient. This measurement would give you a dozen linear feet of hanging space. You will also get room over the hangers and room on the floor too.

If you add another two feet, though, you will get a hanging space of 16 linear feet. Another option is to go with a 6 x 10 closet. However, some prefer 8 x 8.

Keep in mind too that the size of the walk-in closet will depend on the size of the house. For example, many US homes made in the 1960s had a walk-in closet size of 5′ x 6′. Many of the home closets are now much larger.

Planning is Necessary

Before you start, think carefully of how much space you really need. Many times a homeowner will rebuild from scratch because the walk-in closet dimensions isn’t the right size. There are so many things that need to be considered. These include what type of items will be put there and how many.

What will constitute the bulk of the items? Will it be shoes, jeans, t-shirts etc? How do you want to store the clothes? Do you want to fold it on the shelf or hang by the cuff?

Would you set them on a hanger or hang by the waist band? Another factor is your height. The reason is you have to adjust the hanging rod or make room for your clothes’ size.

Walk In Closet Dimensions – Space Considerations

Make sure there is sufficient space in your room not just for the closet, but for any other furniture you want to put in. if there isn’t much space available, you must make use of the shelves judiciously.

If space permits, you can put a bench there. It can be a useful feature especially when you have plenty of clothes to arrange. Here’s a tip: put clothes on the shelves rather than the drawers. It will make things much easier to see and organize. Don’t forget the lighting too; a well lit room can help you with the organization.

In the end, how you choose the walk-in closet dimensions should depend on your requirements. While aesthetics matters, you must also think of how easy it will be to get things organized. So, as you can see, Walk In Closet Dimensions vary most on need but all these factors need to be taken into consideration.

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