How Big is an Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed makes sleeping so much more comfortable because you can position the bed at any angle that you want. There used to be a time when adjustable beds were only used for patients in hospitals with special needs.

This is why an adjustable bed is still sometimes called a hospital bed. However, this type of bed is no longer limited to hospital use. A lot of individuals these days prefer this type of bed over their regular beds, regardless of whether or not they have a medical condition.

How Big is an Adjustable Bed?

If you have finally decided to get rid of your regular bed and would want to try an adjustable bed instead, you may be asking the question: “How big is an adjustable bed?”

You would naturally want to find out the sizes that adjustable beds come in so you can pick one that will not only fit inside your bedroom but will also give you the most comfort.

In this regard, you will be happy to know that adjustable beds come in sizes that are similar to regular beds. This means that the answer to your query, “How big is an adjustable bed?” is that it comes in Twin, Double, Queen and King sizes.

How big is an Adjustable Bed that Comes in Twin and Double Sizes?

A Twin adjustable bed may generally measure about 39 inches in width by 74 inches in length while a Double-sized adjustable bed is around 54 inches in width by 74 inches in length.

As for a Queen-sized bed, this is typically around 60 inches in width by 80 inches in length. For the King-sized bed, this can measure approximately 78 inches in width by 80 inches in length.

Which Adjustable Bed Size is Right for You?

Generally speaking, those who sleep alone go with a Double-sized bed because it gives them plenty of room to move around in plus they can have several pillows on the bed every time they sleep.

This size of bed, while it can usually fit two adults, is not often the preferred size for those who are looking for a two-sleeper bed. The Queen-sized and the King-sized models are often picked by those who want a two-sleeper adjustable bed.

Adjustable beds may also come in Dual Queen or Dual King sizes. This simply means that you can have two Queen beds or two King beds side by side on an adjustable frame designed to fit two of these specific bed sizes.

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