Bathroom Counter Dimensions

Bathroom countertops can provide more space for the items you use in the restroom. These are now available in a variety of sizes and styles that can fit whatever design you may have in mind.

Bathroom Counter Dimensions: Lanza Single Sink Bathroom Vanity

The Lanza Single Sink Bathroom Vanity measures 23.8” L x 28" W x 35” H (vanity); 0.8" L x 26" W x 4" H (backsplash); 1.5" L x 24" W x 32" H. The weight is 150 lbs. The top is made from granite and is 3.6 cm thick.

The hardwood has a dark espresso finish with burnished handles. The drawer is also burnished. The sink is white and CSA approved. The sink also features a nano finish that makes for a clean surface. The design lets it fend off water.

Other features include an undermount basin made of porcelain and under the sink storage. The unit also comes with corner support blocks to stabilize it.

Bathroom Counter Dimensions: Lanza Single Sink Bathroom Vanity w / Hutch

The Lanza Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with hutch measures 24.3" L x 48" W x 35" H (vanity), 12" L x 48.5" W x 49" H (hutch). It weighs 353 lbs. The unit has a granite countertop measuring 3.6 cm thick.

The backsplash is polished with mahogany with a burled-wood finish. The handles are brass and designed like antiques. The sink is white, CSA approved and has a glazed surface. There are also dovetail drawers with an extendable steel glide.

The height can be adjusted from 4.5" to 13.3" to accommodate various storage needs. The doors have concealed hinges and come with additional storage features. The hutch is UL approved.

Bathroom Counter Dimensions: Lanza Bathroom Vanity with Granite Countertop

The unit measures 24.3" L x 48" W x 35" H (vanity); 12" L x 48.5" W x 49" H (hutch) and weighs 353 lbs. The structure is predrilled for an 8 inch center set faucet. It comes with a lighted hutch that has a mirror.

It has three levels of pre-assembled shelves. The doors are designed in the European style and provide more room to store items. There are also drawers with adjustable heights to meet storage needs. The granite countertop is 3.6 cm thick.

Other Information

Aside from the bathroom counter dimensions, the material must also be considered. Make sure the material is synthetic and that it won’t be damaged by water. If you have a specific design in mind, you can have it custom made.

Among the most popular designs are plastic laminates. These aren’t just waterproof; they are also attractive. Some are glossy, while others are metallic. This material is also easy to clean up using non-abrasive cloth and a household cleaner.

There are also bathroom marble countertops. These are available in many colors and styles. Make sure you get cultured marble so hairline cracks don’t pop up. Corian is a nonporous material but it is also costly.

The bathroom countertop dimensions are varied, so you should look at various models. Make sure the unit is something that can fit in your bathroom easily.

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