Aquarium Light Sizes

Knowing aquarium light sizes is required if you are interested in buying a fish tank. When the time comes to replace it, you have to choose the same size. You also have to consider the replacement bulbs/tubes and fixtures.

Size Guide

A 20” fixture will fit on a 10 gallon tank. The 24″ is good for a 15 to 20 gallon High tank. For a 20L and 29, the 30” light fixtures are sufficient. The 36” is for 30, 40H, 50 and 65 gallon aquariums. The largest is the 48” fixture for 55, 60, 70 and 90 gallon tanks. The bulb sizes are 18”, 24”, 36” and 48”.

About Tube Diameters

Tubes of similar lengths do not necessarily have equal diameters. The majority of fish tank fixtures are compatible with T12, T10 and T8 tubes. However, it is better to be sure; check what dimensions are compatible with your fixtures. You can find the tube diameter by reading its printed codes. Your fish tank should have information about the codes, or you can check the Internet.

Lights for Small Fish Tanks

These are known as compact lights. Although small, they provide extra amounts of light. These should be used on tanks with saltwater corals or live plants. Aquarium light sizes are from 12 to 24 inches. But there are also longer sizes available. Because sizes vary a lot, it is advisable to do some research.

Light Duration

People leave aquarium lighting on for different durations. It will depend on what kind of lighting you are you using, the kinds of plants are in the aquarium and what fish you have. Tropical fish tanks require 12 lighting hours. Other aquariums only need six hours or less. Regardless of the aquarium light sizes, don’t use them for more than 12 hours. Leaving light on for longer periods could result in growth of algae. Intense light can increase water temperature too.

Other Information

Reef tanks need about ten hours of light. Coral reefs need high intensity lights. This is because corals require direct sunlight to flourish. If you have freshwater plants, 10 to 12 hours of light will be sufficient for them to stay healthy.

Whatever lights you use, remember that tanks need less light if there are only fish present. Of course you have to consider what kind of fish you have. If the species naturally lives in unlit or murky waters, use less light.-

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