Asian Bed Dimensions

Asian bed dimensions vary per country. Some of them use the same specs as those in the US or Europe. However, other countries use their own measurements.

Japanese Beds

There are five common beds used in the country. The biggest is the king bed. Its dimensions are 71” x 77”. Next in line is the queen bed which measures 60” x 70”. There is also the double full bed. The size is 55” x 77”, good enough for a single adult. Smaller than this is the twin single bed. Its measurement of 38” x 77” is sufficient for a child. The smallest is the crib bed which measures 4” x 7”.

Thailand Beds

There are also Asian bed dimensions that follow the Thai bed specifications. There are several variants, but only three are widely used. They are the king bed, full bed and twin bed. The average length of beds in the country is 198 cm. Most beds there are measured in centimeters, but a few are in inches.

Twin beds in Thailand are 107 cm x 198 cm / 42” x 78”. This is wider than the majority of twin beds in Asia. A full bed is 122 cm x 198 cm / 48” x 78”. A king bed has dimensions of 107 cm x 198 cm / 72” x 78”.

Other Sizes Used in Asia

While Japan and Thailand have their own measurements, the majority of Asian countries rely on American or European measurements. However, when they import Japanese or Thai beds, they use those countries’ measurements for those products.

Considerations for Buyers

The importance of getting the right size cannot be understated. It is better to get a larger bed than a smaller one. However, you need to be sure that it can fit in your room or doorway. But aside from size, you have to consider the budget. Beds from well known manufacturers tend to cost more.

But you can be certain of their quality. You also have to think about styles and types. Pricey beds have carved hardwood and built in accessories. The most basic use metal frames. Also, ask yourself if you just want a regular bed or one that doubles as a couch or futon.

Before you select Asian bed dimensions, measure your room. If you don’t know the dimensions of your room, measure it. There is nothing worse than ordering a bed that is too big.

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