Banquet Table Sizes

You love throwing parties but you’re tired of always having to rent chairs and tables – especially if you have to rent at the last minute.

There are affordable banquet tables that you can find on the internet and most of the shops or suppliers online throw in free shipping and delivery service if you purchase their banquet tables and chairs in sets or if you buy more than one table.

Banquet Table Sizes

A banquet table may be used as a buffet table and as a dining table for your guests.

If the table is for your buffet food, you may want to get one that is rectangular in shape so you’ll have more room for all your dishes plus you can arrange the dishes in one straight pattern for a more organized buffet line.

A round banquet table on the other hand is often used as a cake table for wedding receptions, birthdays and anniversaries; and also as a gift and souvenir table.

Your choice therefore of banquet table sizes whether round or rectangular; largely depends on how you will be using the table.

Rectangular Banquet Tables

If the table will be used as a buffet table, check out a banquet table that measures approximately 72 inches in length, 30 inches in width and 29.5 inches in height. This size is ideal for Medium-sized parties.

If it’s a smaller table you want, you can find a rectangular banquet table that is about 48 inches long, 24 inches wide and 29.5 inches high.

Now, if you want a longer table to be used not only as a buffet table for large parties but also as a presidential table or guests-of-honor table, there is one that is about 96 inches long. The height is also about 29.5 inches and the width, 30 inches.

Round Banquet Tables

For round banquet tables, starting size is usually at 48 inches in diameter with a height of about 29 inches. If this is rather small for you, the most common size that comes after this is a 60-inch table.

If you would like to seat more guests per round table, you can get instead a table that is about 72 inches in diameter.

Choosing Banquet Tables

When choosing banquet tables, check to see if the table can be easily folded in half so you can store this when not in use, instead of having it lying around the yard until the next party.

Most banquet table heights are pegged at 29 and 29.5 inches so your consideration for the size is really the width and the length; or the diameter of the table.

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