Bathtub Dimensions

So why bother with Bathtub Dimensions?

It is quite unfortunate that bathtubs often end up as later additionsBathtub Dimensions to the over all design of a home. If you factor in how important bathing and other uses of a tub then you should place bathtubs as one of the important parts of your home’s design above even a normal shower. In fact, there are numerous options when picking a tub for your bathroom. This will of course entail understanding the standard bathtub dimensions.

Standard Bathtub Dimensions

Your standard bathtub will basically have its dimensions as 60″ by 30″ for its rough opening. However, your standard rectangular like shaped tub will have a smaller dimensioned bathing well, which consists of its insides that measures 45″ by 22″ at the very bottom. Not only that, the top of the bathing well will measure 55″ by 24″. It appears that these are the general bathtub dimensions for both cast iron and fiberglass tubs.

Available Space

Part of the considerations regarding bathtub dimensions includes the available space you have in your bathroom or shower room. Knowing the standard dimensions will roughly give you an idea of what size of tub you want to buy as to the space you have available. It will take some preplanning before you can actually decide on the right tub to buy. It would be such a waste of money to buy a tub that won’t fit in anywhere in your home regardless of a good deal you got out of your purchase.

Types and Style

With regard to the bathtub dimensions, you should also consider the style and type of tub you want to install. This will of course entail individual taste and also considering the individual needs of those who will use the bathtub. Not only will bathtub manufacturers create them in a variety of colors they would also come in different styles and materials and shapes.

You’ll find bathtubs that are made of fiberglass, acrylic, gel coat, steel, composite, marble, and even cast iron. Take note that the even though tubs can be made of various materials the bathtub dimensions will still be based on the standard size of 60″ x 30″ for the rough opening.

Practical Considerations

There are also other practical considerations you should put into mind when choosing among various available tub dimensions. A 60 gallon tub can be shaped using the standard dimensions or other shapes as well. Some tubs are round and there is always the popular wall to wall style tub.

You should also consider if your water has enough capacity to heat about 65% of your tub’s water volume. You should also think about your water source and the proximity of the nearest power outlet. The pump should also be put in an accessible location. If you plan to submerge your tub slightly beneath the floor, you should also consider if you have enough space underneath. So now that Bathtub Dimensions are on your mind, you’ll want to make space for one!

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