Microwave Oven Dimensions

A kitchen appliance that uses the dielectric heating method, a Microwave Ovenmicrowave oven produces microwave radiation to cook as well as heat food and liquids. The basic design of this appliance is consisted of a power source, a waveguide, a cooking chamber, a magnetron control circuit as well as a cavity magnetron. The usual power source used in this device is either an electronic power converter and simple transformer. A cavity magnetron is very important to convert electricity to radiation. Before we take a look at the variants of this appliance, let us identify the different microwave oven dimensions.

Microwave Oven Dimensions

The dimensions of this appliance depend on the type of oven one would use. The appliance has two types, namely the compact oven and the built-in oven. Compact microwave ovens are countertop or portable appliances that have small, medium and large capacity. The usual model of this oven is the small capacity, which has a width of at most 50 centimeters, length of not more than 30 centimeters and a depth of not more than 35 centimeters. The interiors of this type measure less than a cubic foot.

Medium capacity ovens have a width of at least 50 centimeters and the interiors of these appliances measure 1 to 1.5 cubic feet. Large capacity ovens have a width of more than 50 centimeters, depth of not more than 50 centimeters and height of at least 30 centimeters. The interiors of these appliances measure 2 cubic feet.

Homeowners that do not have enough space in their kitchens can purchase the desktop mini-microwave ovens. These appliances have a height of 28 centimeters, width of 38 centimeters and depth of 25 centimeters. Experimental models have dimensions of 19 centimeters x 6 centimeters x 15 centimeters.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

A popular variation of the popular model of microwave oven is the convection microwave. This variant combines the basic features of a convection oven and a standard microwave. The variant is more expensive than a typical microwave oven. Because of the cost of this oven, it is not commonly used for heating food and liquid but it is used for preparing baked dishes.

A microwave oven has various uses. One of the most popular uses of this appliance is to reheat stored dishes. It is also used for heating pre-cooked frozen meals. Additionally, the device can be used to defrost meat and poultry that will be cooked using traditional ways. Moreover, it is used for preparing easy to cook dishes in restaurants and fast food chains.

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