Size of Blue Ray Players

Blu-ray players have replaced the old DVD players, offering enhanced image quality as well as plenty of other features that you don’t normally find in a regular DVD player.

Leading manufacturers of electronics and gadgets have come-up with their own line of blu-ray players, each with their own features to provide consumers with the best players in the market today.

The size of blu-ray players is basically the same whatever the brand, give or take a few inches or centimeters.

Size of Blu-Ray Players

When looking at the size of blu-ray players, you basically have two options to choose from. There are the standard sizes that you usually attach to your television or home entertainment system and there are also the portable types.

Standard Size of Blu-Ray Players

For the standard blu-ray players, sizes usually start at 43.4 centimeters in length by 4.3 centimeters in height by 20.6 centimeters in width. These dimensions are roughly around 17.1 inches long by 1.7 inches high by 8.1 inches wide.

A slightly shorter size of blu-ray players is around 43 centimeters long by 7 centimeters high by 24.6 centimeters wide. This is approximately 16.9 inches in length by 2.8 inches in height by 9.7 inches in width.

You can see that while the second one is shorter, it is nevertheless higher and wider than the previously mentioned player.

Still shorter than the first two is a player that measures around 42 centimeters long by 8.3 centimeters high by 28.7 centimeters wide. This is equivalent to about 16.5 inches in length by 3.3 inches in height by 11.3 inches in width.

Looking at the above sizes of blu-ray players, you can see that the shorter it is; the higher and wider it gets.

Portable Blu-Ray Players

Portable blu-ray players are great for traveling especially if kids are in tow. You can keep them occupied with their favorite movies as you drive or as they sit in the plane with you flying to your destination.

This type blu-ray player comes with its own monitor and is of a compact size that it can easily fit into your child’s backpack or any other bag.

The size of blu-ray players that is of the portable type is around 33 centimeters in length by 5.8 centimeters in height by 24.9 centimeters in width or roughly about 13 inches long by 2.3 inches high by 9.8 inches wide.

A bigger version is also available. This one usually measures around 40.6 centimeters long by 2.5 centimeters high by 20.3 centimeters wide. This is approximately 16 inches in length by 1 inch in height by 8 inches in width.

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