Birthday Candle Sizes

Most people would probably agree that birthday cakes wouldn’t be that fun Birthday Candlewhen you don’t have the birthday candles to adorn the cakes. But what about the birthday candle sizes? How long or short should your candles be?

If you think of the sizes of birthday candles, you may see a handful of choices.

Let’s check the options.

Birthday Candle Types and Categories

Typically, there are two birthday candle main types:

One is the conventional birthday candles and the other is the themed candles.

For the former, these types of birthday candles are those that are thin with striped colors interlaced with other colors.

The latter, on the other hand, usually have a more specific shape since they are designed as character candles and used for specific celebrations like Easter, Christmas, Hannukah, and Halloween, aside from being used for natal days.

Now, these two types can interchangeably be used as trick birthday candles or normal candles for the occasion. Normal candles are those everyday types of candles; trick candles are called as such since these are used to play some tricks on the celebrant.

Another kind of birthday candles is what is referred to as the themed candles which match a certain theme such as sports, hobbies, or food.

These types and various kinds of candles may have similar or different measurements.

Birthday Candle Sizes

For these various types and kinds of candles for birthdays, measurements vary.

There are some candles being sold that follow the measurement of 2 and 1/4 inches for its height and a diameter around 3/16 inches. Some are about 2 inches by 2 and ¾ inches. Others have a size of around 13 by 2 by 8.7 cm. Other products have around 3 and 7/8 inches by 5 and 7/8 inches.

Some numbered birthday candles like the number zero (0) is made at about one and one half inches tall – a mini size which is considered to be the most appropriate size to put on a delicious cupcake.

Aside from centimeters or inches, some birthday candles are measured by millimeters like those candles measuring about 195 by 165 mm.

There are also options on certain product sizes that can be delivered to your doorstep which have measurements of around 15cm, 10 cm or 12 cm.

So you see, you actually have a lot of choices for the birthday candle sizes to brighten one’s birthday. With the number of options out there, you can get a lot of chances at making the birthday cake complete and bringing a smile to yourself if you are the birthday celebrant.

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