What is the Size of an AAA Battery?


An AAA battery is also known as a triple-A battery. It is also one of the most common standard size batteries in stores today. The dimensions of this battery of this battery are as follows: 44.5 mm long, 10.5 mm diameter. Although this battery is really smaller than the AA batteries, it is actually quite useful and you should always have a pack of these in store just in case.

Its size is actually the factor that makes this battery size quite popular. It is primarily used for devices that are relatively smaller. Examples of devices that use this battery size include MP3 players, TV remote controls, and digital cameras.

Since the trend nowadays is to design more portable devices and gadgets, the triple-A battery fits in nicely with this program. In fact, a lot of the devices that were once primed to use the AA battery size have been redesigned or replaced by models that use an AAA battery. This basically adds to the importance and popularity of this size of battery. However, it should still be noted that a double A battery will always have about three times the power of a triple-A.

Common Names

The AAA battery is also known by many other names in many different countries. In some countries, this battery size is also known as the U16. This battery size is also known as the micro or micro light. In China, this battery size is also known as the #7 and it is known as the Type 286 in Russia. In some countries, this battery size is also known as MN2400 or MX2400.

Sales Footprint

The triple-A size is also one of the most popular battery sizes out there. The primary alkaline battery sales of 2007 in the United States of America show that the triple-A size accounts for 24% of total sales of that year. In 2011, this battery size was able to take as much as 28% of alkaline battery sales in Japan. It also took 30% of primary battery sales in Switzerland in 2008.


It should be noted that the capacity of the AAA battery is very dependent on the model of the battery being tested. Another factor that can also affect the overall capacity of triple-A’s is its discharge current. Note that many manufacturers will often state that their triple-A battery has a capacity of 1,000 to 1,200 mAh. It would be wise to check the actual capacity of each battery brand since manufacturers do not presently agree on a standard battery capacity for triple-A’s.

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