Skateboard Sizes By Shoe Size

Before you begin canvassing for skateboards and buying one that catches your fancy, there are several very important factors that you need to look into to help get the right board for you.

While skateboarding is an enjoyable and exhilarating recreational sport, the wrong board type might prove to be dangerous as you can easily fall off the board and hurt yourself.

Skateboard Buying Tips

Choosing a skateboard deck basically entails five things: skateboard sizes by shoe size which covers deck width, length of the deck, deck concave, your level of expertise and your height.

It is important that you take these five things into consideration when choosing a skateboard deck so you will get one that is suitable for you.


Deck lengths are basically categorized into two classifications: traditional and long boards. The deck length is actually based on the skater’s preference. However, it is recommended that skateboards of the traditional length be used by smaller-sized skateboarders.

On the average, traditional deck lengths are under thirty-three inches while longer boards are more than thirty-five inches in length.


Deck widths are usually pegged between seven and one-half inches and eight and a quarter inches. Again, the width is basically the choice of the skater. However, beginners are advised to get boards that are under eight inches in width.


Board decks usually have raised sides, noses and tails. These are concaves of the deck. Beginners are advised to get decks that do not have deeper concaves.

Level of Expertise

Your level of expertise plays a huge role in your selection of a board. Basically, decks with deeper concaves and are also wider are used by advanced or expert skaters.

The width and the depth of the concave make it easier for advanced skaters to do their tricks on the board.

Height and Shoe Size

As mentioned, height and shoe size also play an important role in board selection. The following are general recommendations for board sizes based on height and shoe size:

– For skaters less than three feet and four inches tall with a size 3 shoe, the micro deck is recommended. This has a width of around 6.5 to 6.75 inches and a length of 27.2 up to 27.6 inches.

– For skaters around three feet and five inches tall up to four feet and four inches who wear a size 4 up to 6 shoe, the mini deck is recommended. This is about 7 inches wide and 28 inches long.

– For skaters around four feet and five inches tall up to five feet and two inches with a shoe size between 7 and 8, the mid-sized board is ideal. This is around 7.3 inches in width and 29 inches long.

– For skaters who are five feet and three inches tall or more who wear a size 9 and up shoe size, the larger-sized board is ideal. The width of this board is between 7.5 inches up to 8.25 inches.

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