How Big is a Butterfly Net?

Butterfly net sizes are available in a wide range. The big ones are around 21 x 15 x 1 inches. Many are smaller, around 17 x 12 x 1 inches or 14 x 10 x 1 inches.

General Information

This is also known as an insect net. Their purpose is to capture insects. Different materials can be used for its construction. Usually it is made of lightweight mesh. This is necessary so the wings of the butterfly are not damaged.

These nets have several variants such as sweep nets, aquatic nets and beat nets. When used to capture and study butterflies, the met can be seen as a source of research.

The net can also be used in other ways. For instance, you can employ it to rescue frogs and other small creatures that get stuck or trapped. These bags can also be used for storing other small items.

Tips for Buyers

The most important feature is of course the dimensions. Butterfly net sizes are numerous. The rule of thumb is to get the biggest one possible. You may think that you only need a small net, but they can get filled up quickly.

Be wary of cheap nets. Many of them are available in online stores. But do not expect them to last. The more expensive nets are more likely to last for years. You should only shop in reputable stores. Although it is just a net, you should read the product description.


To make your own net, you will need a broom handle, duct tape, stapler, cheesecloth, wire cutters and a wire coat hanger.
Start by bending the wire into a shape that is circular. Cut off any extra lengths you don’t require. Fold the cheesecloth so you end up with a triangular pocket.

Join the cheesecloth together using the staple. Staple at the point where the edges join. Set the cheesecloth on a flat surface. Put the coat hanger on it.

The next step is to fold the cheesecloth edges on top of the circle wire. Staple it. Connect the net to your broom handle with the duct tape. Make sure you apply enough tape so it does not come off. Now you have your own net.

The butterfly net sizes available give you plenty of options. You can buy as many as you like. But ideally, the big ones are best. You should also make sure the handle is of sufficient length.

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