Sizes of Infant Booster Seats

Booster seats can be used for babies who can sit-up on their own, usually during their toddler years up to about twelve years of age. There are infant booster seats that provide the right support on the baby’s back as well as keep him safely in place as he is traveling in the car.

There are also booster seats that you can attach to tables and chairs to provide the baby with just the right seat size as he is being fed or is eating with you at the table.

There are various sizes of infant booster seats that are readily available today and you will find that the sizes have approximate age, weight and height recommendations.

Sizes of Infant Booster Seats

Depending on which type of booster seat you will be getting, the sizes of infant booster seats may vary.

Car Booster Seats

For car booster seats, you may find that the sizes are indicated in various ways on the labels.

For instance, sizes of infant booster seats may simply indicate the length, width and height of the seat and the maximum weight limit; while others may indicate their sizes in widths of the seat base and interior seat, height, weight limits and exterior seat depth.

There are sizes of infant booster seats that measure approximately 19.5 inches in length by 18.5 inches in width and 25.5 inches in height with a maximum child weight of 100 pounds.

There are likewise booster seats that measure 15 inches wide for the seat base, 26 inches for the seat height, 14 inches up to 20 inches for the interior seat width and an exterior seat depth of 15 inches.

For this size, the minimum child weight is about 30 pounds with a maximum of up to 120 pounds. The minimum child height is 38 inches and the maximum, 63 inches.

Chair Infant Booster Seat

This type of booster seat is one that you can place on top of your regular chair. Sizes of infant booster seats of this model are usually around 18.5 inches in height by 15.2 inches deep by 15 inches in width.

These usually come with a food tray, and adjustable straps enabling you to attach it to any table or chair size.

In addition, the tray and backrest are removable giving your child more room as he grows and develops.

Both types of booster seats, whether for the car or for the chair, are portable so you can take these along with you whenever you and the baby leave the house.

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