Post-it Notes Sizes

The Post-it note sizes are varied, as are the shapes they are available in. However, the Post-it Brand notes are usually 3 inch (76 mm) squares. The color is usually canary yellow.

Basic Features

The Post-it note is a type of stationery fitted with re-adherable adhesive on the rear end. It is used for sticking notes to papers, documents onto various surfaces. The most distinguishing feature of the notes is that it can be stuck and removed without staining the surface.

Historical Background

The note was created by Art Fry of 3M. He utilized an adhesive made by his associate Spencer Silver. The adhesive used for Post-it was invented in 1968 by Spencer Silver, but it wasn’t until 1977 that the product was launched.

It took a couple of years before the product took off. By the 1980s, the product was being sold throughout the United States and the world.

Before the patent expired in the 1990s, Post-it Brand notes could only be produced by 3M. Since the expiration of the patent, various types have emerged, leading to different Post-it note sizes and shapes.

However, majority of the notes are still being made by 3M. In 2003, the Post-it Brand Super Sticky notes appeared. It is equipped with more glue so it will stick to less than smooth surfaces.

The typical Post-it notes only come with limited adhesive. It is located at the edge. Other products utilized for various tasks have more coating. The one used at the United States Post Office makes use of full coating.

The color was selected purely by chance. A laboratory next door to the Post-it group possessed some yellow paper. It was the one utilized by the Post-it group.


Both “Post-it” and the yellow canary color are copyrighted to 3M. The term however, is also used in a generic sense. Other terms used are “repositional notes”, “repositionable notes”, “sticky notes” and “stickies”. There are also online versions of Post-it and other sticky notes.

Other Uses

The Post-it Brand notes are employed by movie studios for story boarding. Using Post-it, it becomes easy to take off items from the story board. Post-it also makes shifting of items easy. The various sizes also make putting together various concepts less of a chore.

The varied Post-it note sizes and styles have made it a mainstay in offices and homes. With Post-it having a presence in computers now, their use will increase even more.

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