Office Desk Dimensions

Office desk dimensions rely on the Office Desktypes of desks that one can use to work on. Such types include the computer desk, reception desk, L-shaped desk, and the U-shaped desk that many offices use.

To get the actual office desk dimensions, you have to learn more about the different types. Here is a brief overview of each type together with their physical dimensions to let you understand more about the sizes of these office desks:

The Computer Desk

Computer desks are mainly used for computers. However, some companies are known to use these types of desks for other purposes. The dimensions differ from one manufacturer to the next. However the standard physical dimensions have these usual figures: About twenty four for its width and depth, and about thirty for its height. All of these are measured in inches. Others, though, have these sizes: About 30.06 inches by 58.25 inches by 22 inches.

The Reception Desk

Reception desks are mainly found at the front areas of most companies. This is where a certain guest, employee, or the superiors of the firm go to for sending or leaving messages, and giving pertinent basic company information.

These types of desk also have different external dimensions. Some have dimensions of around 72" W by 32" D by 29.5" H. Others have sizes of around 42 inches by 71 inches by 30 inches for the height, weight, and depth. And other manufacturers also sell these in sizes of around 71 by 29.5 by 30 inches. You may have to shop around to get a clearer view of these dimensions and choose the one that would suit you.

The L-Shaped Desk

The L-shaped desk is actually called as such because of its shape. These types are usually used in reception areas, too, just like the reception desk. The only difference is its shape – similar to the letter L.

Dimensions of this type is around 30.75 inches tall, about 29.5 inches wide, and around 20.75 inches deep. Others are created with certain dimensions of about 60 inches (L) by 29 inches (D) by 30 inches (H). And you may even find some with these sizes: Around 59 and 3/8 wide, 59 and 3/8 deep, and 30 3/4 tall.

Even the creations vary: Some have antic designs; others are more contemporary or traditional.

The U-Shaped Desk

This type of desk for office use is said to be perfect for multi-tasking duties. It gives much space for users and can hold multiple documents, files, and other materials that are used for the office. It can also hold one’s computer, telephone, and other means of communication.

The dimensions for these desks include the following: Some have sizes of around 66 inches by 29 and 3/4 inches by 30 and 3/8 inches for its width, depth, and height. Other desks have overall dimensions of around 71.75 inches for its width, 93.25 inches for its depth, and around 61.75 inches for its height.

Aside from these office desk dimensions, there are still a lot to choose from. That is why it is recommended that you do your homework and shop around the stores selling these types of office desks.

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