Dimensions of a Loppers

Some lopper dimensions are 11 x 1 x 31.5 inches, while other models come in at 10 x 1 x 32.5”, 11 x 1 x 28.5 etc. The cutting capacity of these tools also differs.

What is a Lopper?

The lopper is a tool used in gardening, specifically for cutting small branches. Loppers are not meant to be used on larger branches; you will need a pruning saw or another power tool for it.

Aside from the different sizes, these are also available in various designs. Loppers are often part of the gardener’s toolbox as they are very handy for managing shrubs and trees. The tool can be used with pruning shears as well.


No matter what the lopper dimensions are, they all work like oversized scissors used to snip twigs and branches. Usually you need to use both hands to use the lopper. Most loppers have long handles and this is preferred by many because it provides additional leverage.

The longer handles also extend their reach. There are also some loppers equipped with telescoping handles. This further increases the reach so you can get to more branches. These loppers can be very useful. However, some models can be heavy.

Types of Loppers

Bypass lopper blades slip past one another, cutting the branch cleanly. Bypass loppers are equipped with curved blades. These are often used for pruning because of the cleanliness of the cuts.

This minimizes the risk of damaging the tree. One of the drawbacks is that material can get entangled in the blades. This could create problems when it comes to opening them.

The anvil loppers are equipped with a straight blade. It has one sharp blade that is hooked to a flat hard surface. Although the lopper is durable, it is susceptible to crushing. If certain areas are crushed, trees can get hurt or bruised.

However, the crushing capabilities of anvil loppers can be useful. For example, crushing will stop growth shoots from appearing at the cut’s base.

While there are differences in loppers, almost all use screws to make adjustments to the blades. After using the lopper, the blade has to be cleaned after being used. If they won’t be used for a while, they should be oiled and stored.

To decide which lopper dimensions to use, examine the branches that have to be cut. If the sizes are varied, you may opt for different kinds of loppers.

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