Trongs Sizes

The deliciously hot Buffalo Wings is not buffalo meat for buffalos do not grow wings. These are actually chicken wings that were normally thrown away or used for preparing chicken stock in the early 1960s. Deep-fried then coated in a vinegar-based hot sauce and butter then served steaming hot with blue cheese dressing and celery sticks, Buffalo Wings were first served in Buffalo, New York where the famous delicacy took its name. It shares one thing in common with another famous recipe called Baby Back Ribs, grilled or smoked pork ribs coated in barbecue sauce. Both are finger foods that are rather messy to eat. It was while eating the famous finger food in New York one day in 2007 that Eric Zimmerman and Dan Ferrara felt the need to create trongs after his sauce-covered fingers prevented Eric to immediately answer a cell phone call. The combination of the words “tripod” and “tongs,” which aptly describes the function and appearance of this eating device gave birth to the term “trongs.” Sizes of trongs fit the fingers of nearly all adults of both sexes.

Just like tongs, these newfangled eating devices are designed to grip food such as meat and poultry. They are also similar to small tripods because they are made up of three limbs with deep channels where the thumb, forefinger and middle finger can be inserted to close or open the limbs. Each limb has serrations or teeth to allow a firmer grip on the meat. Trongs are used in pairs—one on each hand so that ribs or buffalo wings can be eaten without messing up the fingers with grease or sauce. Made out of polypropylene, trongs are cheap and disposable and are a hygienic way of eating sauce-covered finger foods. Trong sizes do not come in different measurements but rather in one standard size just like other eating utensils like spoons and forks which can be used with equal dexterity by users of both sexes.

Aside from allowing its users to eat their favorite ribs or wings worry and mess free, trongs are also useful in food preparation which is the primary area of concern by the hygiene conscious and those who are allergic or intolerance to certain food condiments. Trongs, for instance, prevent fingers from being caked with a sticky mixture when dredging chicken in an egg wash and flour or breadcrumbs. While trongs sizes come in one standard dimension, they are available in different colors to allow color-coding in food preparation and prevent cross contamination of food.

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