Martini Glass Sizes

Martini glasses are also called cocktail glasses, which is Martini Glassactually a type of stemmed glass. Stemmed glasses have an average capacity of 250 ml but you should also expect that there are cocktail glasses that can hold much more. Typical sizes of cocktail glasses range from four to 12 ounces.

Design of Martini Glasses

Martini glasses work pretty much like other types of stemmed glasses or stemware. There is the ever typical bowl that is shaped like a cone. The flat rounded base is separated from the conical bowl by a stem. This design for stemware fits a very particular purpose. Because one would usually hold this glass on the stem, the temperature of the drink is not affected by the holder’s hand.

The conical shape of a martini glass serves another purpose other than making the whole glass look really elegant. Since this glass is usually utilized for cocktails, the wide rim of the conical bowl allows one to add garnishes to the drink. You can also experiment on rimming this type of glass since the bowl has a large a rim that is large enough.

The Symbol for Cocktail Drinks

Martini glasses are traditional symbols for cocktail drinks. Drinks that are served using this type of glass ought to be served without any ice. Since you can’t have ice in your drink with this type of glass you have to go for other options. Drinks can be cooled either by shaking or stirring in a container with ice in it prior to serving.

However, if you want to get a really cold drink using martini glasses, you should freeze the glass several hours before you serve anything. So, if you want to have an elegant James Bond-like drink then you should get a set of martini glasses. And remember to serve your drink shaken, like James Bond would, and not stirred.

Variants of Martini Glasses

Of course there are more than one type of martini or cocktail glasses out there. Since you know that there are different manufacturers of glassware you can be sure that there are other designs of this line of stemware. This simply means that the classical cone shaped cocktail glass isn’t the only shape or size you can ever get.

An interesting variant is called a rebel martini, which can contain about six fluid ounces. It’s a little bit taller than six inches and its drinking bowl is almost five inches in diameter. The distinct feature of this glass is the curved shape of its stem. Another interesting new addition to this type of stemware is the Terene Martini that has two stems.

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