SCUBA Regulator Dimensions

Whether it is for recreation or for exploring the ocean, a sound scuba regulator is necessary so there will be no problems with breathing. There are many types of regulators as diving requirements differ.

Dimensions of Scuba Regulators: OMS Workhorse

The material of the R-1Stage-P is stainless steel and has 40% Nitrox service. The intermediate pressure is 135 psi (9.3 bar). The LP ports are 3 and the valve interface is 300 bar DIN. R-251 first stage specs are similar except for the intermediate pressure (140 psi / 9.3 bar) and the LP ports (4).

The over pressurization for the 1st stage is optional. The vent pressure is 180 psi (12.4 bar). The adapter is also optional for R – 239. It is made of plastic or brass. The Workhorse is also sold as an Octopus equipped with a 40" hose.

Dimensions of Scuba Regulators: OMS R-250

The OMS R-250 (1st stage, R -251) has an intermediate pressure of 135 psi (9.3 bar). The HP ports are 2 and the LP ports are 4. LPM at 3000 psi is 1950 LPM. The valve interface is 300 BAR DIN. The OMS 250 is 40% Nitrox prepared.

It has a knob for adjusting the air flow. There is also the Venturi assist for work of breathing. The Nitrox first stage has a balanced diaphragm. This is designed for cold or polluted water.

The first stage is intended for horizontal placement. With the ports, numerous hose setups are possible. There is also an adapter for R – 239 composed of brass or plastic.

Dimensions of Scuba Regulators: OMS Deep Performance

The R-600 (first stage) has 4 low pressure ports and 2 high pressure ports. The material is brass / stainless. The design is balanced diaphragm and has the DIN to yoke adapter.

The second stage design is pneumatically balanced. There is an adjustable flow knob and Venturi control. The body is glass filled thermoplastic. R-601 first stage has a balanced diaphragm design with 4 low pressure points and 2 high pressure points.

The DIN to yoke adapter is also included. The second stage specs state the hose configuration is to the right of the diver.

Dimensions of Scuba Regulators: Oceanic GT 3

The GT 3 regulator weighs 29 ounces. The Oceanic GT 3 has mechanisms that adjust based on the depths you are heading to. The Dynamic Adjustment feature keeps the inhalation effort throughout the dive the same.

The inhalation requirement can be set to almost zero if needed. The unit can adjust to the depth. Whether you are 20 ft or 120 ft deep, the regulator can keep breathing at the same level. The casing is made from ABS/Polycarbonate.

Other materials are used to make it buoyant and light weight. The regulator can be used with Nitrox breathing mixes up to 40% by volume.

Anyone who wishes to engage in scuba diving or snorkeling would do well to get familiar with scuba regulator dimensions and specifications. By using the right product you can enjoy diving without fretting about your breathing system.

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