How Far is It From Home Base To First Base?

The distance from home base to first base is 90 feet or 30 yards. In Little League Baseball it is 60 feet. The 90 feet distance is used in high school and college and Major League Baseball.

Facts about First Base

This is the base that the player has to touch first in order to advance to the other bases. Unlike the second and third bases, you can overrun this base without worrying about getting put out.

When the player reaches the base, they can stay there. Or they can proceed and make a run to second base. This is possible if the ball is hit hard and it is difficult for the opposing team to field it.

Infield and Outfield Dimensions

The infield measures 90 sq ft. The outfield sizes are not standardized. The outfield is the area between the foul lines. The infield is the section of the square made up by the bases. The outfield is the fair territory outside of this.

Home Plate

The home plate measures 17 sq inches. It is a slab with five sides. A couple of the corners are taken off so there is an edge 17 inches in length. The two near sides are eight and half inches. The two other sides are a foot long.

These are positioned at an angle so there is a point. Next to the eight and half inch side is the batter’s box. The area where the foot long sides join up is at right angles. This is at the corner of the 90 foot square. The bases are at the other corners.

More Information about the Bases

Like the distance from home base to first base, the distance between bases is 90 feet. These are called first, second and third bases respectively. There are 38 cm / 15 in bags over the bases. Along with the home plate, they comprise the bases. Together they make up the infield corners.

Fair Territory and Foul Lines

All these bases are in fair territory. The lines from the first base up to the home plate go up to the closest fence or stand. These are known foul lines. The playing field area between the foul lines is not foul territory.

The distance from home base to first base is now standardized in US professional play. However, the other baseball field dimensions are not. In other leagues outside the US, other specifications may be used.

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