How Small is a Fishing Fly

Different fishing fly rod sizes exist. The type you should use depends on the fishing condition, where and what you will be fishing for. Once you have figured that out, deciding what length to use will be straightforward.

How to Choose the Right Fly Rod

In small spring creeks and rivers, a small 7 ft rod will be quite effective. It is the one most commonly used for small fishing locations. If you are fishing in a large river, a 9 ft rod is better suited. For those that like to fish in medium sized rivers, an 8 ft or longer rod will do.

The 8 ft long rod is also ideal for trout fishing. There are also customized or specialized fly rods. These have been created for individuals who like extra long rods. In many cases, these make casting easier.

If you are still unsure about the fishing fly rod sizes, the 8 or 9 ft type is your best bet. These lengths are sufficient for most novice anglers. The 9 ft rods are best for float fishing. They are also better suited for fishing in windy conditions and for casting. There are also 8 1/2 rods.


Various materials are used to make these rods, but one of the best is graphite. It is pliable and light. This costs more than the others, but graphite is worth it. They are durable and casting is smooth.

Bending Resistance

Also known as the rod action, this must also be accounted for. Actions can be slow, medium or fast. For novices, it is best to go with medium action rods. The fast action rods have a very stiff tip. They are more suited for seasoned anglers.

Regardless of the action, make sure to examine the rod’s bend. This has to be uniform and even. Be wary of an excessive bend; it may be a sign of weakness. Avoid buying rods with soft areas.

Other Information

There are some very short fly rods, around 4 ft or so. There are also 18 ft rods. It is best to try these only when you are used with the 7 to 9 ft rods.

Whatever the fishing fly rod sizes you choose, always take the weather into account. If you are fishing in a tight spot, use a shorter fly rod. A long one will likely get stuck if you cast them. Grip shapes vary, so try different types.

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