Size of a Seven Iron

The size of a seven iron depends on the material and how it is used. The men’s steel is 36.5”. The men’s graphite is 37.0” long. The ladies’ steel is 35.5” and the graphite is 36.0”.


Along with the putter, wedge and driver, the 7 iron is the most vital club for the golfer. It is the club that novices try to learn first. Once you learn how to use the 7 iron, the rest of the iron set will be easy.

The Basic Shot

The club is frequently utilized when the golfer is 150 yards away from the cup. As a rule, the same methods for hitting the other irons are used for the 7. Make sure the feet are set parallel with the shoulders.

Hold the club steadily. The right pinkie and the left forefinger have to be interlocked. This should be the case whatever the size of a seven iron is. Once the proper posture is attained, you can take the swing.

7 Iron Punch Out

The punch out refers to a low line shot so trees and other obstacles are avoided. This shot is most useful when in a rough spot. Properly executed, you will get the same length (150 yards) but the flight is
not as high.

For the punch out, the stance has to be a bit wider than the usual. The knees have to be bent a bit more too. Place the ball near your back foot. This is necessary to get a lower trajectory. Now you have to make a half swing. The back-swing should only just go past parallel the surface.


This is utilized around the greens. Hold the club near the steel. Bend your knees. Keep the club near you. When making the back-swing and follow-through, use the same method as when putting.

Other Information

No matter what the size of a seven iron is, it will take lots of practice to perfect the shots. While there are many clubs, the 7 iron is the most ideal for use in practice. Putting and chipping should be practiced more than driving. This is essential so you can get the most out of your clubs.

The type of golf club you use has to be top notch. Quality irons may cost more, but they will last longer. Since you will be practicing with these, it pays to get quality material. It is better to buy costly but quality clubs than cheap and poorly made ones.

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