Dry-suit Mitts Sizes

The drysuit mitts sizes differ because manufacturers have their own measuring systems. Many companies use S (small), M (medium), L (large) and XL (extra large). But the actual dimensions may vary due to the different design. 
Where to Buy Drysuit Mitts
The best place to buy is often online. There are many websites that sell a variety of drysuit gloves/mitts. As stated, the materials used for the mitts are diverse. This will have an effect on the price. Make it a point to check out different stores so you can compare the prices. 
If there are stores nearby that sell mitts, check them out too. Most of the time, the mitts will be sold with a drysuit. Different drysuit mitts sizes are sold with these drysuits. 
What is the Drysuit for?
The drysuit is a kind of diving suit. Its purpose is to protect the body of the individual from the water. While it is similar to the wetsuit, there are some differences. 
The most important is the sealing. A wetsuit permits a small amount of water to gather in the suit. The drysuit, including the mitts, totally shut off the water. No water can penetrate the garment. 
Design and Features 
This is made possible by its tight form fitting design. The mitts, wrist, ankle and neck seals are completely airtight. Majority of these drysuits are made from latex. 
Drysuits have an inflation valve. This allows the wearer to modify the buoyancy as they see fit. This is crucial because it is used frequently in deep sea scuba diving. 
When the diver goes into the water, the valve is used to produce gas in the diving regulator. This maintains the pressure in the drysuit. When the diver is prepared to ascend, the suit vent valve allows the diver to unload the gas. 
Other Information
Some drysuits have some automated vent valves installed. In some cases, the diver has to adjust the valve. If the valve fails to work, the diver can adjust the neck seals to release the gas. 
Two kinds of drysuits are often used: the membrane and neoprene drysuits. An undersuit is usually worn with the membrane drysuit. The mitts on the neoprene and membrane suits vary in design. 
Apart from the different drysuit mitts sizes, they are also available in assorted colors and styles. If you want to buy a pair, try to look for those that match your personal style. 

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