Aquarium Sizes For Bearded Dragons

Aquarium sizes for Bearded Dragons will depend on their size. A large one will need at least a 40 gallon tank, preferably 55 gallons. Extra large species will need a 72 gallon tank. Adult Bearded Dragons should be kept in separate aquariums.

Other Size Considerations

You can also use a 60 gallon tank. Dragons under 2 months and less than 7 inches long will be all right in a 30 gallon tank. It isn’t advisable to put them in bigger aquariums because they will have trouble locating their food. However, don’t get anything smaller; the lizard needs space to move around.

If the dragon is between 9 and 13 inches, get a unit with 4 square feet of floor space. This is equivalent to a 55 gallon fish tank. A 55 gallon tank is sufficient for an average sized adult.

The 4 square feet is for a single adult only. If there are two, you will need at least 8 square feet. There shouldn’t be more than 4 or 5 of these lizards together.

The best material is glass. Apart from having plenty of space, there has to be a secure top. This is to keep the animal from leaping out.


The most preferred is sand, but you can also use astro turf, alfafa pellets, paper towels or newspapers. Those who use sand have to be certain that it is washed play sand. Sand is not recommended for dragons less than two months old. They might eat it and get sick. Whichever substrate is used, ensure that it is cleaned and changed regularly. Cedar and pines should never be used as substrate; they are toxic to Bearded Dragons.


After picking the right aquarium sizes for Bearded Dragons, you can put some decors in it. The most commonly used are rocks and wood. Many experts recommend this because it mimics the dragon’s natural environment. Different types of wood can be used such as sterilized driftwood or sandblasted grapevine.

You can also sterilize driftwood by baking in an oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes. As for the rocks, you can use those in your garden. Some aquariums come with their own heaters. However you can also use a light bulb. The ideal temperature is 90-95 F warm and 80-85 in the cold.

Aquarium sizes for Bearded Dragons have to be studied carefully. As long as the dimensions are right, the lizard will have no problems adapting to its new environment.

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