Surfboard Dimensions

A simple elongated board used for surfing, a surfboard allows people to ride breaking waves in Surfboardstanding position. Made from polystyrene or polyurethane, they are usually covered with layers of epoxy resin, cloth and fiberglass. Because of these major components, it becomes maneuverable, buoyant and strong. Aside from these interesting features, it is also good to know the different surfboard dimensions.

The Different Dimensions of a Surfboard

The dimensions of a surfboard vary depending on the particular type of board. Here is a quick look at some of the most popular types of a surfboard.

The Egg

One of the modern hybrid boards is called the egg, which is usually 1.8 meters to 2.3 meters or 6 feet to 8 feet and 6 inches long. It has a tail shape and more rounded profile used mainly for surfing in smaller waves. They are suitable for beginners because they are very fun and easy to use. People can use them well in surfing conditions.

The Fish

Developed some time in the 1960s, this type of board is short and stubby. Used in smaller waves, it usually measures less than 1.8 meters or 6 feet. It was popularized once again in the early parts of 2000s by surfer extraordinaire Tom Curren.

The Fun Board

This is another popular variation of the surfboard, which measures somewhere around 2.1 meters to 2.4 meters or 7 feet to 8 feet. Many beginners find it very easy to use because it helps them transition from the easier longboarding to the more challenging shortboarding. It stands somewhere between the two by combining the maneuverability of the shortboard with the speed of a longboard.

The Gun

This is the perfect type of board for riding big waves. Its measurements commonly range from 2.1 meters to 3.7 meters or 7 feet to 12 feet. It combines the size of the longboard and the appearance of a shortboard. It is good to use in big wave areas like Mavericks in Northern California and Waimea Bay in the Hawaiian Islands.

The Longboard

This type of surfboard is known for its large rounded nose. It has a length of 2.7 meters to 3.7 meters or 9 to 12 feet. It comes in different kinds including the 2+1, the gun and the tri-fin.

Other Notable Types of Surfboard

The Malibu is a type of board that surfers usually use to perform special tricks like ‘hang tens’ and ‘hang fives.’ It has a length ranging from 2.7 meters to 4.3 meters or 9 feet to 14 feet. Another interesting board is the olo, which has a length of 7.3 meters or 24 feet and weighs about 91 kilograms or 200 pounds.

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